June 04, 2007

Warning: This Post Contains Science!

Or science news, anyway. But what's the difference? Everyone knows that, as they say, there are no known safe levels of science exposure.

The Bush administration will reduce scientists' ability to gather global climate data by refusing to replace equipment on failing satellites with new equipment on a set of upcoming launches. Climate scientists say that they "will face major gaps in data that can be collected only from satellites about ice caps and sheets, surface levels of seas and lakes, sizes of glaciers, surface radiation, water vapor, snow cover and atmospheric carbon dioxide." I guess the Bush administration is no longer waiting for new data with which to make up their minds on climate change.

Harvard University is preparing to license more than 50 nanotechnology patents to a Massachusetts startup.

The UN warns of the serious consequences of reduced snow and ice cover.

Did upright walking start in the trees?

Africa's penguins are dying out, prey either to global warming, overfishing, or a combination of both. (The NY Times link generator doesn't seem to be working at the moment. Grrr.)

Greenland's ice sheet melting faster than ever, which lends weight to the more pessimistic climate predictions.

Sharks have been swimming the seas in more or less their current form for 100 million years. They attack about four people a year. People are driving sharks to extinction.

People living in the year 2050 might be able to see 400 fewer species of birds, and as many as 1,800 fewer species by 2100.

The Bush administration won't help save Montana's fluvial arctic grayling fish, using the usual 'conservative' cop-out that they aren't different enough from other grayling populations to recognize them as a separate species. Many of the area's ranchers, by contrast, do understand the need to preserve river habitat and are working to protect local waterways.

The EPA is in court for violating the Endangered Species Act. A headline that The Onion could have written, but didn't get to fast enough.

So, which of you is it? A new at-home fertility test for both sexes might be able to give you the answer within minutes.

Genentech releases trial data on a new form of a drug that shrinks breast cancer tumors.

The Chinese government reacts angrily to the US FDA's warnings about Chinese toothpaste, saying that low levels of diethylene glycol aren't dangerous. Trust them.

A new drug could extend the lives of patients with advanced liver cancer.

As NASA struggles to meet its International Space Station deadlines, they face a union strike at the Kennedy Space Center, with workers insisting that they're being offered substandard contracts.

Pharyngula: Some science carnivals. A reaction to Sen. Sam Brownback's un-rejection rejection of science.

Real Climate: A climate primer. The very big differences between local and global climate models. The IPCC has released a compilation of temperature reconstructions for the millenium.

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