June 04, 2007

ProseBeforeHos Can Kiss My ***


Yeah, I'm just a woman. WTF would I know about how to spot misogyny? Thanks for setting me straight on that, on how boring I am because I give a damn about this stuff. You're clearly very avant garde for having the same opinion as the majority of the male population, which is that the bitches should quit whining when they get smacked down. I'm duly impressed with your intellectual fortitude and independence. How brave of you.

Maybe you've seen this kind of response often enough to think it's "typical" because you're a fundamentally unteachable prat.

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On 6/3/07, Alexander Baldwin wrote:
Boring and typical. Enjoy feeling like a victim the rest of your life.

On Jun 1, 2007, at 2:17 PM, Natasha Celine wrote:

Using fancy words to defend a statement and picture that are misogynistic doesn't impress me. If you don't want people to assume that you're a misogynist, don't talk like one. If that assumption offends you, well gosh, don't I feel terrible for hurting your feelings. Yeah, I know the score. I'm not supposed to get all uppity and offended because it might make some man might feel bad about having insulted me.

The thing is, even if you aren't a misogynist, you provide cover and sanction for people who are. And you get to feel enlightened and amused about it because you, personally, have never had to suffer the consequences of having society-wide contempt for your gender used to deny you opportunity. You've never had someone decide that, because you were a woman, it was all right to treat you like a child or cheat you in business transactions. You've never had to read about a man being dragged to death behind a car and the community it happened in worried mainly about how to cover up the blood stains on the pavement. Everybody heard about James Byrd, nobody gave a goddam about Luz Fierros. You don't have your entire merit with others judged on the basis of whether or not they want to bed you because your whole identity has been so sexualized that you aren't a person anymore to some people. Just a ho, or maybe a rejecting bitch, or too ugly to 'hit'.

Justify it among your backslapping selves however you like. It doesn't hurt you, it doesn't degrade you, and you'll always be able to find some flimsy-ass pseudo-intellectual defense for it. Like overentitled men always do. 'It's *ironic* misogyny, funny, ha ha. We don't really *mean* that women exist solely as sextoys and a prima facie distraction from serious intellectual activity, it's just a phrase. Also, we discussed it seriously among ourselves, and weren't offended at all.' Whatever.

But you don't really give a damn what I think. So don't waste my time pretending that you do while you're trolling for links. And no, I won't be linking to you as a news source even if you scoop the world with a picture of GWB himself eating kittens.

On 5/31/07, alec wrote:

I understand, we've actually had this debate/discussion internally and
externally at PBH for a while. You can check out these links for
explanations and the reasoning behind the name and logo:


Long story short, none of us at PBH consider ourselves misogynists and
we'd probably be offended to be regarded as such. Though you are welcome
to open up a discussion of your own if you end up linking to that picture.


> It's hard for me to appreciate a link from a site called "Prose Before
> Hos"
> that has as a symbol a man spanking a woman. I don't like linking to sites
> run by misogynists, and feel that if I were to write about the subject
> matter while linking to such a site I'd have to bring up my distaste
> alongside a discussion that it'd be hard to gel into. You see my dilemma?
> On 5/30/07, Alexander Baldwin wrote:
>> I thought you'd appreciate this link. It's a series of poignant
>> photos thats shows a boy in Baghdad taking cover behind an American
>> soldier during a bombing in Baghdad on Memorial Day:
>> http://www.prosebeforehos.com/alec/05/29/happy-memorial-day/
>> Always,
>> Alec

Update: From the front page of PBH today. No misogyny there, nosiree.

we are young, we are brash, and we hold nothing sacred. we will intentionally step on your toes. we will inpregnate your daughter(s). we will say things that will make you cringe. and we will not apologize.

How bold indeed to imply that they will have sex with underage women as a property crime against their parents. Way to fight the good fight, guys. Verily, I swoon in the face of your brash manliness.

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Ummm...are these guys sharing drugs with the business writers over at The Economist?

Posted by: nebris at June 10, 2007 05:24 AM