May 28, 2007

Thought for the Day

There ought to be a special circle of hell reserved for people who make banner ads that flash colors on the sort of rapid cycle that makes me feel as though I might develop a new form of sudden-onset epilepsy at any moment.

They'll be roasted right next to the people who've decreed that the entire indoor world must be bathed in the rancid glow of insufficient light cast by greasy-looking fluourescent bulbs. I believe that there never has been a light source that looked more sickly and malevolent. Why, oh why, can I get an efficient and beautifully blue-white, flicker-free, LED bulb in a flashlight, but not for my light sockets?

It's like a conspiracy to maximize the number of potential migraine triggers in the built environment, as though there was a lack in the first place. (I'm looking at you, people who wear too much cologne, paint and carpeting manufacturers, cleaning toxin producers, air 'freshener' designers and artificially scented candle makers.) And a migraine, for those of you blessedly ignorant of them, is like having a bad stomach flu set up shop in your cranium. A nausea of the head, if you will. If you've never had a headache that made you reflect on the current status of your will, you've never had a migraine.*

* Conversely, if you've had a headache that bad, it might not have been a migraine. It might have been a cluster headache. I've heard that they, too, can make a person feel less than charitable towards the prospect of continuing to breathe.

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Migranes are hell - and I speak as a person who's had only two in 38 years on the planet. My 15yo daughter, however, has between two and four a month - a huge improvement over the 10-15 per month she used to have.

High school is the worst place to be if you're a migraine sufferer. If the triple-damned fluorescent lights aren't enough, there's enough perfume to scent half the world's population, enough cleaning-product residues to scrub George Bush clean, and enough loud noise to be heard on Pluto. And I haven't even mentioned the nitrate/nitrite soaked lunch menu.

Posted by: PA_Lady at May 29, 2007 11:28 AM

And don't forget the morning after the migraine. Like a particularly nasty hangover crossed with having been beaten about the face and neck with a blunt instrument.

Posted by: Via at May 29, 2007 07:30 PM