May 25, 2007

Blogged Night

The Angry Black Woman: The May, 2007 Erase Racism Carnival

Being Amber Rhea: A gender & racial politics link roundup. If you want to stop prostitution, shaming prostitutes doesn't help.

Ilyka Damen: The very unpleasant processes of listening more and thinking harder.

Anti-Essentialist Conundrum: Three nooses in a schoolyard in Jena, LA, USA.

Republic of T: A snapshot of Bush administration terror propaganda. Terrance suggests that the drive to deny reproductive justice to women stems from a fear of love and pleasure.

Orcinus: An Arizona Sheriff's office knowingly employed a white supremacist. It if just completely blows your mind that there could be such a thing as a white, Christian terrorist, well, it shouldn't. How sloppy background checking can help to mainstream bigotry. Don Imus is gone, and good riddance, but it's all right for a radio host to call for the violence against judges. A law against hate crimes is not a law against thought crimes, as spreaders of bigoted propaganda would have us believe.

HorsesAss: More on the legislative food stamp challenge that had congresscritters trying to eat on $3/day. Chinese catfish test positive for melamine, now that someone finally started looking, while it still seems like just the tip of the iceberg concerning problems with Chinese food imports. Goldy had a favorable impression of Gov. Bill Richardson's qualifications when he came to Seattle, but admits that he's still just waiting for Gore.

Preemptive Karma: Newt Gingrich wants to "convert all of America", and has gone out of his way to assure the saddened students of Liberty University's graduating class that the death of Rev. Falwell doesn't mean the end of that dream. Some questions about sex-ed in public schools. Becky can relate all too well to Monica Goodling, and talks about the moral education of "good girls" who do bad things on behalf of the people who define good in their lives.

Hominid Views: Last Friday's multimedia extravaganza has some good links to clips I hadn't seen yet (hardly surprising, since I don't have TV at my place.) U.S. contractor casualties in Iraq arent usually counted in the death and injury tolls, but maybe they ought to be since there've been over 900 killed and 12,000 injured. Al-Qaeda is making bank in Iraq out of donations, kidnapping people for ransom and engaging in other criminal behavior. Bush had a streak of record breaking last week.

Daily Kos: Kansas' Gov. Sebelius was accused of lying when she said that Kansas had a hard time responding to the tornadoes because much of the National Guard equipment was in Iraq, though House testimony this week by the commanders of the National Guard more than support her claims. (One might recall that the equipment over in Iraq isn't in such great shape, either.) The parallels between the U.S. and Rome, the 'civilizing the barbaric Germans' version. It's worth reminding Democrats that much of their vote depends on political independents who expect them to keep their campaign promises. How theyrereal stopped being angry about the capitulation of congressional Democrats. The stealing of the American vote and the corruption of the electoral system.

Memory Lane: Last Fall, Maccabee wrote about his conversations with a Romanian cab driver, a Ugandan cab driver and a Guatemalan professor, all of whom had lived under dictatorial regimes (Ceausescu, Idi Amin, Arbenz) in their own countries and didn't like what they saw happening in the U.S. From the professor, "A government gone authoritarian is nothing new. ... You college boys pound your copy of 1984. Orwell wasn't writing science fiction. He was writing history."

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My friend on and I think the pacific view is nice and we share them.
Thank you for the posting.

Posted by: Daniel at May 26, 2007 12:01 AM

New mosque in Cologne Germany

Posted by: at May 26, 2007 07:51 AM

I posted this comment at your link, so it should go here too.

People have to accept responsibility for their actions. These women could have gotten real jobs and worked. Instead, they chose to sell sex acts. That’s their choice. If these women are adults, than they are adults. Infantilizing them, and pretending they are somehow absolved from all guilt isn’t really a feminist idea. Not unless feminism is about giving women a pass on everything because they are too childish to be held responsible. I thought it was about creating an equal society free of gender constraints.

You either criminalize a behavior because it causes harm to individuals and society, or you don’t. You don’t point to a retailer and tell them they’re off the hook while you arrest the person who buys what they’re selling. There’s no logic to that at all. It doesn’t help anyone, it just hookers and sex slaves to back to their pimps, while putting men in jail. That can be the only goal of this program. If they were designed to end sexual slavery, they’d be going after pimps, madames and slave smugglers. If you think prostitution is evil, but only blame men for it, then you are acting out of your own personal bias. You are not striving towards equality, you are looking for an emotional pay out.

Posted by: soullite at May 26, 2007 12:49 PM

soullite - I don't have time just at the moment to respond to the many, many errors of logic, judgement and systemic analysis in your comment. The world doesn't work that way, is all. Fortunately, Anatole France made the following statement once, which sums up most of what I'd want to say on the matter:

“The law, in its majestic equality, forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, beg in the streets or steal bread.”

Posted by: natasha at May 27, 2007 10:27 AM