May 25, 2007

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch ...

Talk radio host Taylor Marsh held a May 22nd conference call with Al Gore and a group of bloggers to discuss the ideas in his new book, "The Assault on Reason."

The Smithsonian museum watered down an exhibit on climate change because it was worried about displeasing the Bush administration.

Juan Cole discusses with some sympathy the electoral considerations of congressional Democrats in their decisions to vote for or against the Iraq supplemental.

Los Angeles gang members are looking to futures in the construction unions, which have gone out of their way to recruit in minority neighborhoods and overlook conviction records. Many former gang members have proven glad to embrace an opportunity to legally earn middle class wages that they'd thought would remain forever out of their reach.

Once more, with feeling, why is Rush Limbaugh still on the air after playing a song entitled, "Barack, The Magic Negro?"

Congressional Democrats have been widely criticized for a secret trade deal with the Bush administration.

Emergency room staff at a Willowbrook, CA hospital watched Edith Isabel Rodriguez lay on the floor in pain for 45 minutes and called the police to remove her. She died as she was being taken into custody of an untreated perforated bowel.

A new poll indicates that American Muslims are more integrated into the society and views of American culture than are their counterparts in other western nations.

Sen. Clinton's new healthcare proposal would cut costs by supporting preventive medicine and better chronic condition care.

Gov. Schwarzenegger criticizes a Blue Cross ad campaign that attacks his plan to extend health coverage to all California residents, regardless of pre-existing conditions, by also making the purchase of health insurance mandatory.

The U.S. government will be helping Mexican officials wiretap their citizens without court approval out of a deep concern for improving the rule of law.

A new survey finds bipartisan support among Americans foroffering undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship, but aren't so sure about future immigration or the benefits of immigration as a whole.

Continuing the spree of public opinion reporting, it happens that 4 in 10 Americans say they have a gay family member or close friend. Having gay friends or family makes individuals far more likely to come down in favor of equal marriage rights and protection from discrimination.

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