May 24, 2007

Starving The U.S. Out

We're getting closer all the time to the day when U.S. forces won't be able to supply the Green Zone with food anymore.

This country can already barely afford the financial costs of fighting in Iraq, while news reports continually herald a new "deadliest month" for our troops. It won't be pretty when the only things that can reliably get through to the Green Zone are mortar attacks, as seems increasingly likely to happen in this newly declared set of next few, critical months. And it's a war on terror, mind, not a civil war. Really.

Still, yesterday's vote for a supplemental spending bill without the timetables desired by the public seems an indication that the problems that led to the war are systemic instead of personal to the president. It is, after all, quite a large government of the people. Can our representatives who refuse to follow the mandate of the 2006 election be starved of political capital until they decide to stand against the president even if they have no hope of winning? Sometime before Iraq turns into Afghanistan? It isn't like Congress' lives are on the line, or anything.

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Bush hit by bird shit

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