May 24, 2007

Why Would Anyone Listen to Jack Shafer?

Jack Shafer proves that he is a total idiot who has forfeited the right of anyone to ever listen to him again. I don't care if he is a writer for Slate, he is so seriously delusional or cynical or clueless that he cannot be considered a rational player in today's world. Why?

But Friedman would make a better president.

How serious should someone take a pundit who blithely states that Thomas Friedman would make a better president than Al Gore? Why would he say something so stupid?

Who was right on the Iraq war? Who understands how the war on terror has diminished our hope for the future? Who has championed science, seriously tackled existential issues and actually has real experience in government?

This is compared to Thomas Friedman who cheered the Bush berserker rush into Iraq because it would teach those damn Arabs a lesson that we are not to be messed with. Who thinks the world is progressing to a wonderful nexus of modernity and progress where the Lexus wins over the Olive Tree.

Seriously, why does Jack Shafer hate good government? Or fail to see that Friedman is blinded by the glories of the free market which godlike makes all the right decisions if we all get out of its way. What world does Shafer want to leave for his children? And what is his f*king problem with Al Gore? What an ass.

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Mr. Shafer's comments are indicative of two simple facts.

First, the media has been, since the 2000 elections at least, a willing accomplice to the Bush administration.

Second, they have been so at least in part because a majority of the American public refused to accept the media's line regarding the Clinton administration.

They can never accept that they were wrong, or that they were deceived, or that "access" to this incredibly incompetent administration has virtually no value.

Why call it the SLM? A more accurate term would be the "La-la-la Media" or the "Three Monkeys Media". Either way, willful ignorance and hurt feelings are in play.

Posted by: palamedes at May 25, 2007 06:48 AM