May 20, 2007

Stealing the 2008 Election

Buzzflash had a remarkable interview with Greg Palast on what Rove is putting in place to steal the election. And Palast believes that the election has already been stolen unless the American public wakes up to the problem.

BuzzFlash: You’ve laid it right out on the table in Congress, this abuse of power, the suppression of voting rights. Why then is the mainstream media ignoring what is clearly a multi-year strategy to commit felonies?

Greg Palast: Two reasons. The victims are the poor, and the victims are the defenseless. The victims are black soldiers.

The US Attorney firings are only one aspect of this grand theft. As Palast shows, despite the significant number of people registered so far, it is almost guaranteed that their votes are already being lost from the system or being setup to be challenged.

One aspect of the Attorney firings that I haven't seen mentioned yet, is, the main reason a US Attorney was fired was simply because they were not quite cultish enough. Rove needs real fire-breathing prosecutors who will be ready to play out his hand and so he had to clean house to get that type of thug in play. Who are the successors? They are almost assuredly people who have put party and power above their country or their allegiance to the rule of law. They are Karl Rove's tools.

And Palast asks, why is it okay to have Tim Griffin who was responsible for caging votes (illegally disenfranchising hundreds of thousands of black voters including active duty soldiers) keep his position in Arkansas? As it is, even if Gonzales resigns, Griffin will still there poisoning the electoral well in Arkansas.

We need to get every one of the doppelgangers that have been put into place by Rove and remove them from their positions as soon as possible. Bush could be the most hated man on earth and the authoritarian wannabes on the Republican side could be rejected by 90% of the country, but if Karl has his way, no one will know that because he will steal the election by disenfranchising everyone that is against them. And he is well on his way to getting his all his pieces in place right now.

Read the interview and then start making sure our Senators know they have an obligation to act fast.

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