May 16, 2007

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales: Bush Thug

Back when Abu Gonzales was up for nomination, we knew that he was bad news. After all, it was under his watch that John Yoo wrote one of the most evil legal opinions this country has ever witnessed: a definition of coercive interrogation that decided that the only thing that could be considered torture (and thus out of bounds) was actions that led to the failure of organs or death. Wow.

Many, many people protested his confirmation and wrote our Democratic Senators that he was a horrific candidate. Reading Marty Lederman's analysis of James Comey's testimony in front of the Senate yesterday really drives home how right we were on that front - Alberto Gonzales is one of the worst people to be in charge of a government agency that is supposed to deliver justice and execute enforcement of our laws. But it is important to remember, Gonzales could not have done what he has done without Bush's okay. It Bush who must be held accountable for the undermining of our Constitution and for the laws broken through his policies.

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Bush should be held accountable on a whole lot of things. The list is endless. And Gonzales is just one of the boys in the Bush regime.

But they aren't alone. These good ole boys are just one of a group of puppets in the hands of the puppet masters. And this whole bunch is where the trouble is. They are called psychopaths. They are the ones who can't figure out why we silly people are having a problem with the killings and torturing, destroying and maiming that they are doing.

Here is an article called: Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes. It goes into psychopaths in control of government, like in Poland during WWII. The author of the book, is a psychologist who lived through this and did live research on the psychopaths that he came in contact with. It is very disheartening to see the similarities between Hitler and Bush. And to see how our nation is already being turned into another Nazi Germany.

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The statements given above come from hearts unable to accept anything but power and destruction. They cannot relate to a man who is an epitome of Goodness. Mr. Gonzalez has broken no law. He has made mistakes and apologized for them. He has pledged to work diligently to improve the department. But some people are always wanting when a man is down to kick him down further. Those who were on the defeated end of the 2000 election just cant accept it. They are continuing to make Republicans their whipping boy. It is the way that Evil always reacts to Goodness and humility. It was what happened in the crucifixion of Christ. They know not what they do. It is painful to watch a Senator cut another person made in the Image of God repetitiously and then smirkingly keep looking at his cohorts to keep himself aware of their support. Gonzalez was not on trial. At the end of that Senators vindictive remarks, it was the Senator by his actions who was judged and found wanting.

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