May 05, 2007

A Concatenation of Grievances

A murder by spreadsheet update:

... He repeats like a mantra that insurance companies across the America are practicing medicine without a license. This is a crime, he reminds me. In the United States insurance companies, with an eye on the bottom line, make the life and death decisions, not the doctors. ...

Why does no one give a damn about domestic terrorism against abortion clinics and the people whose public statements create a favorable climate for it?

Everyone in Iraq, a.k.a. Hell, is going insane. It's the only sensible response under the circumstances, no doubt.

It's possible that the 2008 general election will include a presidential candidate who doesn't believe in evolution, or perhaps one who calls gays an "intolerable risk" to the military, or perhaps one who through no fault of his own has been bringing the bigots out of the woodwork.

A male 'pro-lifer' says, "I am not against aborting if there is no possible alternative to saving the mother.. but if the child can be saved at the loss of the mother then I would choose the child." What a catch.

The modesty movement would like to remind women that men's behavior is entirely their fault.

This is not currently a colorblind society, no matter how much any of us would really, really like it to be. As products of that society, the likelihood that any of us are truly colorblind is, to put it mildly, slim. To make the claim that it is colorblind indicates that a) you're one of the people not impacted by racism, and that b) you also lack sufficient empathy to realize that everyone else isn't so lucky. (h/t Ampersand)

The Bush administration continues to claim that preserving life-as-we-know-it is too expensive. The scientific community disagrees, but what do they know?

"[N]early every African country with significant oil deposits will end up worse off after the oil is gone than they were before the pumping started.

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