May 05, 2007

Would I could have the gift of words like Charles Pierce

Altercation has another dispatch from the illustrious Charles Pierce. This time the topic is about the Republican presidential candidates who he names the "Ten Little Idiots." Pierce is gobsmacked about this set of contenders who will never rise to the sunny optimism of Reagan and have hard time matching Jack Kemp for god's sake.

And unlike the MSM punditry who can't get enough of the manly men (© Digby), he gets right to the point of why these guys are such failures and are reflections of the failure of the conservative movement.

Pierce has a such a way with words that it feels like a sinful pleasure to read him. How about this for a delightfully pithy expression?

They're all fighting over the tiller of a plague ship at this point.

So true, so true. Despite the swooning of Matthews and Brooks, it seems the American public think so too.

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A pundit's claim to accuracy:

"I think so, and freedom of speech grants me the right to think what I want. Period."

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Oops -- belonged one post upward.

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