May 04, 2007

David Broder: Trusting the wisdom of the American People

How deep is David Broder's faith in the wisdom of the American people? As deep as the deep blue sea.

Anonymous: Your anti-Reid column was thoroughly unconvincing. It struck me as a rather desperate attempt to maintain your "pox on both their houses" schtick, the other side of your ever-present "bipartisanship is the answer" coin. Why is it so hard for you to admit that Bush is, in fact, a uniquely bad president who has led the Republican party into a ditch that no blue-ribbon commission of respected elder statesmen from both parties can save us from?

David S. Broder: Perhaps because I have come to have deep respect for the wisdom of the American people, who, in 2004, chose to reelect George W. Bush as president. I have been very critical of his policies, economic, diplomatic and military. But I am unwilling to assume that I am so much smarter than the voting public that I will dismiss as worthless someone they have chosen as president of the United States.

It sounds like Broder believes just like Bush does that the American public gets one accountability moment every four years. They bought him -- therefore they are stuck with him and have no recourse even if they now hate him and his unending war. Glad we got that cleared up.

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