April 30, 2007

Incompetent Government Conservatives

It really isn't that the Republican party of George W. Bush doesn't believe in Big Government; they're the ones who've ballooned federal spending enormously and constructed the massive edifice that is Homeland Security. It's that they hate to see government succeed at anything at all besides playing Big Brother to its citizens and blowing up other people's countries, as many people before me have noted.

And that's really their plan. Because for all that GWB is little more than a fanatical finger puppet with verbal diarrhea, the people working for him are too clever by half. They can't possibly not know that they're wrecking our government, destroying trust in the judicial system and our public attorneys. That they're ruining the planet for generations to come. It's all part of the plan to be sending the poor to their early graves under a mountain of subsidized, tricked-out, modified, synthesized, spin-blown and oven-baked high fructose corn syrup. They must, somewhere, be laughing over their lattes about how their friends are pushing people out of a health care system beholden only to shareholders, and with no accountability to the patients whose actual treatment would cut into their profit margins. They set up the Halliburton and Blackwater and KBR thefts themselves; billions of dollars from the treasuries of the Iraqi and American people vanished into the wild blue, disappeared, pocketed by the spooky allies of our corporatocracy.

Trust me, they know. It's why no one should be astonished by their mendacity. It would be impossible to win even a mayoral race on their actual platform: That government should be made to work terribly so that a clique of the super-rich and unaccountable can run our country like a Banana Republic fiefdom, sucking out every last bit of marrow from the bones of our common wealth before they're forced to flee to Paraguay, or somewhere else that doesn't have an extradition treaty with the U.S.

It's a smash-and-grab that they have to get away with before everyone wakes up and sees the devastation. Before they get fingered in the public imagination for their many crimes and civic indecencies. And maybe, if we put on a little pressure here, and focus a little attention there, we can continue to hasten the process along.

You should try this sometime (and don't blame me, I didn't come up with it): Go out in a public place with a friend or two and look up at something completely innocuous, maybe the corner of a building. Be sure to point, look intently in unison, confer with each other. People around you won't be able to help but look the same direction, at least for a glance. Some of them will also pause, point, confer with each other to try and determine what it is you're looking at. It's contagious. The press have been making it work for years. The blogs have just gotten started with it. Blog readers have started making it work by spreading our blogospheric discussions into the mainstream.

People have started pointing and staring at the administration, at the Republicans. As creatures that have survived thus far only because no one was really looking, they necessarily fear this, they squirm like hooked bait in the glare of attention. They're not the corner of some innocent block of flats, you can't look at them without spotting at least one, truly grotesque thing. Something that, like the aftermath of an ambulance-strewn car wreck or the pictures of a suicide bombing in downtown Baghdad, becomes a magnetic North for your eyeballs.

So, here are some other things that you might want to point and stare at. Further crown jewels of the incompetence and venality that have been built into our civil society by this mob of maladjusted psychopaths. And also, a few action items, in case you wanted to do more than gaze on in horrified fascination ...

Today is the last day for public comment to save the Tongass National Forest from logging. The Wilderness Society describes the proposed Forest Service plan as "the clear-cutting of ancient trees for the short-term gain of a taxpayer subsidized timber industry."

We didn't know here because no one bothers inspecting imports these days, even when our regulatory agencies seem to have suspected a problem, but the melamine adulteration of animal feed is common knowledge in China. But then, we don't make much here anymore, so I suppose it wouldn't pay to look very closely.

Even as they've gutted OSHA's effectiveness by leaving worker safety in the hands of employers, the Bush administration has used the agency to give 'non-competitive' contracts to their friends.

They are still flouting the Geneva Conventions, like bad totalitarian regimes everywhere.

Lastly, though it's hard to keep track of this administration's many scandals, the U.S. attorney purge is one worth keeping an eye on.

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