April 19, 2007

Thought for the Day

We should not allow rationality to be defined by the discarding of emotional concerns as worthless.

Rather, it should mean stepping back to see them as one set of concerns among many; to allow the possibility that they might blind us dangerously to sit alongside the possibility that they may be the sole relevant factor. Rational consideration would take into account the occasional failures of cold logic, the occasional successes of improbable intuitions, and always, always, the possibility that we ourselves may be completely convulsed in the throes of temporary insanity. In other words, it would respect the human condition, the inseperable backdrop of our every action and its consequence.

To make a rational decision should not mean making a simple decision, or worse, a simplified decision. Because the world isn't a simple place, our lives are not uncomplicated, and the problems we face are not one dimensional. The claim of rationality, like the claim of absolute religious truth, must not be a get-out-of-reality-free card.

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