April 16, 2007

Obscenity Watch

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you shocking obscenities, gruesome trespasses on polite sensibilities, and dirty deeds done dirt cheap. Or for substantial remuneration. As a public service announcement, you know.

More women found murdered by intimate partners, one by her boyfriend, one by her husband.

Lee Iacocca knows obscenity when he sees it:

... Am I the only guy in this country who's fed up with what's happening? Where the hell is our outrage? We should be screaming bloody murder. We've got a gang of clueless bozos steering our ship of state right over a cliff, we've got corporate gangsters stealing us blind, and we can't even clean up after a hurricane much less build a hybrid car. But instead of getting mad, everyone sits around and nods their heads when the politicians say, "Stay the course."

Stay the course? You've got to be kidding. This is America, not the damned Titanic. I'll give you a sound bite: Throw the bums out! ...

A horrible day in Virginia, an average day in Iraq:

... Let's total the score: at least 65 Iraqis dead in four attacks vs. 22 Americans shot at Virginia Tech. Whoops, forgot the 20 kidnapped policemen. Can you imagine?

The next time you hear Dick Cheney or George Bush blame the public attitude regarding Iraq on the media's failure to report "good news", examine carefully our reaction to the shooting at Viginia Tech. Look at our collective shock. Our horrified reaction. The public sorrow. Yet, in truth, this is an exceptional, unusual day in America. It is not our common experience. But we cannot say the same about Iraq. ...

The White House lies about the health of the economy.

This news was breaking in late March, but the number of uninsured Americans is truly revolting:

The big news today is that the census has been wrong. Seems that since round about 1995, it has overstated the number of uninsured Americans.

There's good news in the land, we only have 44.8 million Americans without health insurance and without access to essential medical care. ...

There are people who think this is the way to talk from the pulpit of a church:

... Lest any of the assembled miss the point, [Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council and former GOP representative in the state legislature of Louisiana] offered up the story of Phineas, grandson of Moses’ brother Aaron, from Numbers 25. Phineas was rewarded by God with an “everlasting priesthood” for killing an Israelite and his Midian lover because God had forbidden the mixing of the men of Israel with the women of that tribe.

The story is, essentially, the vindication of the criminalization of “miscegenation” — a sentiment consistent with Perkins’ past courting of such racist groups as the Ku Klux Klan and the Council of Conservative Citizens, America’s largest white supremacist organization, according to journalist Max Blumenthal. (Perkins bought, on behalf of political client Senator Woody Jenkins, a phone-bank list from former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke.)

[Ann] Coulter’s rhetoric was no less violent. In describing the murders of doctors and health care personnel who worked at abortion clinics, Coulter said the victims had been shot, “…or, depending on your point of view, had a procedure performed on them with a rifle.” ...

An Imus defender:

On April 12, during a report on the controversy sparked by Don Imus' remarks about the Rutgers University women's basketball team, ABC's World News aired comments by Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz, in which he said: "Over the years, Imus made fun of blacks, Jews, gays, politicians. He called them lying weasels. This was part of his charm." ...

More Imus defenders:

Discussing the firing of syndicated radio host Don Imus on the April 15 edition of the syndicated program The McLaughlin Group, MSNBC political analyst Pat Buchanan asserted: "Imus said a stupid thing, he and [former executive producer Bernard McGuirk] did, two words for about three, four seconds in the morning. They apologized and apologized and apologized and asked for forgiveness, and two Christian ministers, [Revs. Al] Sharpton and [Jesse] Jackson, acted like lynch-mob leaders."

... Also, talk-radio host Michael Smerconish wrote in his weekly column: "Ah, but the floodgates are now open. The cyber-lynching by faceless, nameless bloggers of talk-show hosts like me has begun." ...

The chief law enforcement official in the United States has proven himself to be a remorseless liar:

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' assertion that he was not involved in identifying the eight U.S. attorneys who were asked to resign last year is at odds with a recently released internal Department of Justice e-mail, ABC News has learned.

... Gonzales has insisted he left those decisions to his staff, but ABC News has learned he was so concerned about U.S. attorney Carol Lam's lackluster record on immigration enforcement in San Diego that he supported firing her months before she was dismissed, according to a newly released e-mail from his former chief of staff. ...

Ex-Brass says climate disruption will worsen the global security situation:

Global climate change acts as a "threat multiplier" in some of the world's most volatile areas, and raises tensions even in stable regions, 11 former U.S. military leaders warned on Monday.

... "We can't wait until we have absolute certainty," retired Gen. Gordon Sullivan, a former U.S. Army chief of staff, said at a briefing where the report was released. "We know that we never have 100 percent certainty and ... if we wait, we might wait too long." ...

But for some reason, Newsweek and The Washington Post remain unconvinced.

*&^%$(* $%^)*(*^&#ing GAAAA!!!!! Just. No. !!!!ing. Words:

Nine months before al-Qaida slammed airliners into the World Trade Center, French intelligence suspected the terror network was plotting a hijacking - possibly involving a U.S. airline - and warned the CIA, former French intelligence officials said Monday.

But the French warning hinted at a plot in Europe, not the United States, and there was no suggestion of suicide attacks or multiple planes. One former official said al-Qaida may have leaked misinformation to divert intelligence agencies from the bigger, deadlier plot to come on Sept. 11, 2001. ...

As has been pointed out previously by others, the exact same procedures would be put in place to prevent ordinary hijacking as opposed to using-planes-as-bombs hijackings. The Bush administration did squat.

And that's it for me. I've waded into the filthy sewer of the human condition enough for the moment.

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'est une impressionnante masse de documents. De loin, on croirait une thèse universitaire. De près, rien à voir. Des coups de tampons rouges "confidentiel-défense" et "usage strictement national" sur chacune des pages. En haut à gauche, un logo bleu roi : celui de la DGSE, la Direction générale des services extérieurs, les services secrets français. Au total, 328 pages classifiées. Notes, rapports, synthèses, cartes, graphiques, organigrammes, photos satellite. Le tout exclusivement consacré à Al-Qaida, ses chefs, sous-chefs, planques et camps d'entraînement. A ses soutiens financiers aussi. Rien de moins que l'essentiel des rapports de la DGSE rédigés entre juillet 2000 et octobre 2001. Une véritable encyclopédie.
it is an impressive mass of documents. from far u think of a thesis from university. closer, n othing too see. stamps reading confidential-defense and use strictly national on each of the pages. left top, a symbol kingblue: the one of DGSE, the cetral command of exterior services, the french secret service. in total 328 classified pages. notes, reports, summaries, maps, graphs, structurings, satellite photos. all exclusively concerning al-quaida, its chiefs, sub chiefs, training camps.financers. nothing changes in the reports between july and october 2001. veritable encyclopedia.

the chief of the agency doesnt want to comment on the reports (or the posession of such thru a paper): very sensible.
Il est vrai que ces chroniques des services secrets sur Al-Qaida, avec leurs diverses révélations, soulèvent quantité de questions. Et d'abord une surprise : le nombre élevé de notes uniquement consacrées aux menaces d'Al-Qaida contre les Etats-Unis, des mois avant les attaques suicides de New York et de Washington. Neuf rapports entiers sur le sujet entre septembre 2000 et août 2001. Dont une note de synthèse de cinq pages, intitulée"Projet de détournement d'avion par des islamistes radicaux" , et marquée d'une date… 5 janvier 2001 ! Huit mois avant le 11-Septembre, la DGSE y rapporte les discussions tactiques menées depuis le début de l'année 2000 entre Oussama Ben Laden et ses alliés talibans, au sujet d'une opération de détournement d'avions de ligne américains.
it is true that these chronicles reveal a lot of questions about al-quaida. and a surprise: most of the reports concern probable attacks on the united states, months before the attacks on the us. nine articles concerning the time between sep 2000 and august 2001. in a summarizing note, titled "the project of kidnapping an airplane thru muslim radicals is a date marked: 5th of january 2001.
8months before sep 11. the dgse reports there the tactics taken since the start of 2000 between Oussama and his allies the taliban concerning the kidnapping of american airplanes.

Pierre-Antoine Lorenzi, chef de cabinet du patron de la DGSE jusqu'en août 2001, aujourd'hui président d'une société spécialisée dans les stratégies de crise et d'influence (Serenus Conseil), parcourt devant nous ces 328 pages et tombe en arrêt, lui aussi, sur cette note. Il hésite, prend le temps de la lire et admet : "Je me souviens de celle-là." "Il faut se rappeler, précise M. Lorenzi, que jusqu'en 2001, le détournement d'avion n'a pas la même signification qu'après le 11-Septembre. A l'époque, cela implique de forcer un appareil à se poser sur un aéroport pour mener des négociations. On est habitué à gérer ça." Mise en perspective utile pour comprendre pourquoi cette alerte du 5 janvier n'a provoqué aucune réaction chez ses destinataires : les piliers du pouvoir exécutif.
pierre antoine lorenzi chief of counsel of command of dgse in august 2001, today president of an company specialized in thje strategix in crisis and influencing them (serenus council), regards the 328 and stops exactly at this headline: it is a pleasure to me to reread this headline. it hadnt the same importance as it had after sep11. at the time it meant to post some truce talk crew at the airport to execute some negotiations. one was used to it. what puts in perspective why this alert didnt cause any reaction at its destination (CIA): hindrances (piles of files)in executive power.

Dès janvier 2001, la direction d'Al-Qaida se montre néanmoins transparente aux yeux – et aux oreilles – des espions français. Les rédacteurs détaillent même les désaccords entre terroristes sur les modalités pratiques du détournement envisagé. Jamais ils ne doutent de leur intention. Provisoirement, les djihadistes privilégient la capture d'un avion entre Francfort et les Etats-Unis. Ils établissent une liste de sept compagnies possibles. Deux seront finalement choisies par les pirates du 11-Septembre : American Airlines et United Airlines (voir fac-similé). Dans son introduction, l'auteur de la note annonce : "Selon les services ouzbeks de renseignement, le projet d'un détournement d'avion semble avoir été discuté en début d'année 2000 lors d'une réunion à Kaboul entre des représentants de l'organisation d'Oussama Ben Laden…"
since jan 2001 the command of alquaida became viewable and audible to the eyes and ears of french spies: the spies detail the troubling issues discussed by the terrorists on how to capture an airplane. never they doubt their intention. prvisorically the djihadists plan to hijack a plane between frankfurt and the united states. they make up a list of seven possible companies. 2 are finally picked by the pirates of 911: american airlines and united airlines. in his introduction the author of the note announces: according to uzbek agents the hijackin of an airplane was discussed at an (alquaida) meeting of the organisation of oussama bin laden at the start of 2000 at kabul.

Des espions ouzbeks renseignent donc les agents français. A l'époque, l'opposition des fondamentalistes musulmans au régime pro-américain de Tachkent s'est fédérée dans le Mouvement islamique d'Ouzbékistan, le MIO. Une faction militaire de ce parti, emmenée par un certain Taher Youdachev, a rejoint les camps d'Afghanistan et prêté allégeance à Oussama Ben Laden, lui promettant d'exporter son djihad en Asie centrale. Des livrets militaires et des correspondances du MIO, trouvés dans des camps afghans d'Al-Qaida, en attestent.
the french agents are informed by the uzbeks. at the time the fundamentalist muslim opposition against the regime in tashkent federalized into the islam(i) mouvement of uzbekistan, abbreviated MIO, and a militant faction, that emerged thru the person of a certain Taher Youdachev, rejoined the camps of afghanistan and has sworn allegiance to oussama, (making) him promising to export his djihad to central asia. military booklets and some letters of MIO were found in afghan alquaida camps one attests.

Alain Chouet a gardé en mémoire cet épisode. Il a dirigé jusqu'en octobre 2002 le Service de renseignement de sécurité, la subdivision de la DGSE chargée de suivre les mouvements terroristes. Selon lui, la crédibilité du canal ouzbek trouve son origine dans les alliances passées par le général Rachid Dostom, l'un des principaux chefs de guerre afghans, d'ethnie ouzbek lui aussi, et qui combat alors les talibans. Pour plaire à ses protecteurs des services de sécurité de l'Ouzbékistan voisin, Dostom a infiltré certains de ses hommes au sein du MIO, jusque dans les structures de commandement des camps d'Al-Qaida. C'est ainsi qu'il renseigne ses amis de Tachkent, en sachant que ses informations cheminent ensuite vers Washington, Londres ou Paris.
alain chouet memorized this episode (he protercted it in his brain). till oct 2002 he commanded the service "military reconassaince", a subdivision of dgse, charged with trackin terrorist mouvements. accordin to him the uzbek channel originated in the passed alliances of general rachid dostom one of the main chiefs of the afghan war , him an uzbek tribal too, and him fighting the taliban afterwards. for the protection of the uzbeks he infiltrated some mios up to the commandment of alquaida. afterwards his friends in tashkent sent it to washington london or paris .

La formulation de la note française de janvier 2001 indique clairement que d'autres sources corroborent ces renseignements sur les plans d'Al-Qaida. Selon un dispositif bien huilé en Afghanistan, la DGSE ne se contente pas d'échanges avec des services secrets amis. Pour percer les secrets des camps, d'une part elle manipule et "retourne" des jeunes candidats au djihad originaires des banlieues des grandes villes d'Europe. D'autre part, elle envoie des hommes du service action auprès de l'Alliance du Nord du commandant Massoud. Sans compter les interceptions des téléphones satellitaires.
the design of the french note clearly suggests other sources supported this reconaissance concerning the plans of alquaida. DISPOSITIVE (NEGATIVE): FRENCH UNITS (UNABLE TO COMMUNICATE?) WERE NOT SATISFIED ONLY TALKING WITH AMERICAN UNITS IN AFGHAINSTAN To perceive the secrets of the camps, one manipulate the new djihadists to return to europe - for surveillance. furthermore dgse sent people to massoud. not mentioning satellite phone intercepts, cuz.
Un proche de Pierre Brochand, l'actuel patron de la DGSE, nous a assuré que le service disposait d'une "cellule Oussama Ben Laden" depuis au moins 1995. L'alerte du 5 janvier s'appuie donc sur un système éprouvé. Alain Chouet, après nous avoir demandé de préciser qu'il ne s'exprimait pas au nom des institutions françaises, reste laconique mais clair : "Il est rare qu'on transmette un papier sans recouper." D'autant que ledit papier suit et précède de multiples rapports de la DGSE étayant la crédibilité des incantations guerrières d'Oussama Ben Laden.
a close friend of pierre brochard told us agse knows of a certain oussama bin laden since at least 1995. the alert of fifth jan thus was in controlled circuits. alain chouet, after making clear hes not speaking in the name of French institutions, expresses (laconically): once written paper returns to you. These estimates made very credible predictions on the guerilla warfare of Oussama Bin Laden.

Au terme de plusieurs mois d'enquête sur cette documentation très spéciale, nous prenons contact avec le quartier général de la DGSE. Et le 3 avril, l'actuel chef de cabinet, Emmanuel Renoult, nous reçoit sur place, dans l'enceinte de la caserne des Tourelles à Paris. Après avoir parcouru les 328 pages que nous posons sur son bureau, il ne peut s'empêcher de déplorer une telle fuite, tout en nous laissant entendre que ce paquet représente la quasi-intégralité des productions de la DGSE sur le sujet pour cette période cruciale. En revanche, sur le fond, impossible de lui soutirer le moindre commentaire. Trop sensible.
In terms of investigation for this special documentation we took contact to hq of dgse. and 3rd of april current chief of council emmanual renoult, welcomed us at location barracks des tourelles in paris. after viewing the 328 pages that we put in his office he told us were now integral part of genral operations of dgse.

Dans sa note, la DGSE estime enfin que la volonté d'Al-Qaida de concrétiser son acte de piraterie contre un appareil américain ne laisse aucun doute : "Au mois d'octobre 2000, Oussama Ben Laden a assisté à une réunion en Afghanistan au cours de laquelle la décision de principe de mener cette opération a été maintenue." Nous sommes le 5 janvier 2001, les dés sont jetés, les Français le savent… Et ils ne sont pas les seuls.

in his note the dgse estimates the dgse estimates that the will of alquaida to realize such an act of piracy agaiinst some american airborne vehicle is undoubtful: in month oct 2000 oussama bin laden assissted a reunion in afghanistan in which proceedings the decision to commit such an operation was entertained.

Comme toutes les informations évoquant des risques contre des intérêts américains, la note a été transmise à la CIA par le service des relations extérieures de la DGSE, responsable des coopérations entre alliés (renommé depuis service des liaisons). Son premier destinataire est le chef de poste de la CIA à Paris, Bill Murray, un francophone au physique de John Wayne, rentré depuis aux États-Unis. Nous avons pu établir le contact, mais M. Murray n'a pas souhaité donner suite à nos demandes. Pierre-Antoine Lorenzi, dont les responsabilités à la DGSE couvraient alors les questions relatives à la coopération avec les agences étrangères, ne conçoit pas que ces renseignements-là ne lui aient pas été remis : "Ça, typiquement, c'est le genre d'information qui est transmise à la CIA. Ce serait même une faute de ne pas l'avoir fait."

all informations suggest that there is high risk concerning american interests the note was transmitted to the central intelligence agency by the exterior services of the dgse responsible for allied cooperation . the prime destinationwas the chief of the cia in paris bill murray a french speaker with the body of john wayne, since then living in the us again. we could establish the connection but mr murray did not wish to be connected with our intentions. lorenzi responsible at dgse for covering the questions relating to cooperation with foreign agencies didnt understand this attitude. he said thats the kind of information transmitted to the cia. theyre making a failure they never made.

De l'autre côté de l'Atlantique, deux anciens agents de la CIA spécialistes d'Al-Qaida, que nous avons sollicités, ne se souviennent pas d'alertes particulières envoyées par la DGSE. Ni Gary Berntsen, rattaché à la direction des opérations de l'agence de 1982 à 2005, ni Michael Scheuer, ancien responsable de l'unité Ben Laden au siège de la CIA, n'ont gardé en mémoire des informations spécifiques en provenance de la DGSE.
on the other side of the atlantic two old agents specialized on alquaidawho we knew didnt like our particular alerts sent thru dgse, neither gary berntsen leading the command of operations of the agency from 82 to 2005 nor michael scheuer old responsible for the bin laden unit at the seat of the cia (langley i guess) didnt view one piece.
A Washington, la commission d'enquête du Congrès sur le 11-Septembre, dans son rapport final publié en juillet 2004, a mis l'accent sur l'incapacité du FBI, de la CIA ou des services d'immigration d'agréger des données éparses visant certains membres des commandos du 11-Septembre. A aucun moment la commission n'a évoqué la possibilité que la CIA aurait répercuté au pouvoir politique, dès janvier 2001, des renseignements émanant des services français sur le choix tactique d'Oussama Ben Laden d'organiser des détournements d'avions américains.
the 911 commission mentioned the total ineptitude concerning the cia fbi or immigration services concerning reading memos. at no moment the commission mentions cia had to quit reconaissance vs alquaida in jan 2001 for political reasons.

The article points out afterwards

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if thats true theres only termate in the wtc since january 2001

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Wow, quite a compendium of excrement! I salute you for such a muck-raking digest.

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