April 12, 2007

Imus Fired


Finally, some consequences for spreading misogyny and racism on the radio. I hope this is just the beginning.

Update: Link added.

Update: Sorry, nobody gets to call me a nappy-headed ho and a racist bitch on a blog where I have posting privileges. And guess what, you pea-brained twit, white people exist who get offended when black people are mocked in public on account of their race.

Update: Right, that does it. This post is bringing the sexist and racist whackjobs out of the woodwork. It's not okay to shout 'fire' in a crowded theater, and it's not okay to spread bigotry. And just in case anyone was still unclear about what that means ...

Imus and his backup bigot were jerks for mocking black people's natural hair texture, something that black women are often hugely pressured to be ashamed of. Jerks for saying they looked like a bunch of men, with the conversation explicitly marking them as that worst thing for a woman, unbeddable. Bitches. Unless they were offering it for sale. Hos. Jerks for implicitly marking the Tennessee team as beddable by contrast, as if that was the only thing of significance about them. Jerks for degrading two sets of accomplished athletes, two sets of hardworking college students. Jerks for furthering the degradation of women in general and black women in particular.

Utter and complete kneebiters for telling women everywhere, once again, that whatever else you achieve in your life and no matter how hard you work, the only thing anyone cares about is whether or not rich white guys and their cultural proxy enforcers would like to sleep with you. Clearly, if you're a black woman brazen enough to wear the hair you were born with and have enough muscle to say no and back it up, you fail the rich white guy beddability test and are a failure as a woman. Obviously. If a woman can't attract a partner from that sector of society that has all the status, if she can't be a suitable ornament for one of them, she's just worthless. Because she's just a woman, and she can't have any value of her own.

Is that not supposed to affect me, just because I'm white? Should I be happier if I make the cut? Hey, why not. I could be well enough insulated from the implication that I'm just some kind of glorified possession. Oh, how cute, its owner lets it write.

What gets done to those least able to defend themselves always gets tried later on the people the next rung up. And so on. That's the case with racism, with sexism, with maltreatment of the poor and uninsured, with environmental justice issues, with workplace protections, everything worth talking about. Even if seeing injustice done to others doesn't inspire a person with a fiery passion to set things right, then at least consider this: You're next.

I'm done reading excuses for this stuff right now, comments are closed.

Posted by natasha at April 12, 2007 02:48 PM | Race | Technorati links |

the beginning of what...a fascist state?

Posted by: j at April 12, 2007 06:27 PM

Ever heard of 'freedom of speech'?

[Note from natasha: Ever heard of the Superuser? Thank you for playing.]

Posted by: Brian at April 12, 2007 06:53 PM

Senate candidate Al Franken when asked on the CNN Larry King show about Don Imus getting fired asked why CNN hadn't fired their house conservative, the hateful and bigoted Glen Beck who appears on CNN Headline News. Has Glen stayed just under the line?

Glen Beck called himself Mr. Oreo Cookie on MLK Day, and like Imus, has a repeated pattern of hateful and bigoted speech.

Posted by: Gary Denton at April 13, 2007 02:08 AM