April 12, 2007

Iran helping the Iraqi Sunnis?

Yeah, that line of reasoning leaves something to be desired. Juan Cole, in a roundup on the day's violence, slaughter, general mayhem and the refusal of our retired generals to volunteer to be Cheney's fall guy, notes that it's ridiculous to think that Iran is arming its enemies in Iraq.

The Sunni factions, note, are also participating in sectarian cleansing of Shia neighborhoods. (Think they might possibly be looting weapons from the houses of the people they kill? Nah, surely none of Iraq's guerrilla factions would ever do that.) There's no way the Iranian government is going to be supporting that, and impossible that they don't know it's happening. But the Mideast has long been a region that makes and sells around a lot of weapons; these are heavily armed societies. Finding Iranian weapons in the hands of Sunnis and concluding that Iran is supporting them is like finding them with AK-47s and concluding that the Russians are supporting them.

It's exactly that absurd, pure stuff and nonsense.

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