April 10, 2007

Draft DeFazio Campaign Fundraising

The grassroots effort to draft Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR-04) to run for Senate against Sen. Gordon Smith (R-OR) exceeded its recent fundraising goal over Easter weekend. They've decided to set their sights higher:

... We're shooting for 225 contributors or $4500 by the end of the day on Saturday.

As Blue Oregon noted today so eloquently, Five Bucks can change the world. ...

As kid oakland recently wrote on Daily Kos, Democrats and progressives can't rest on the laurels of the 2006 Republican-whumping related program activities. It's time to redouble our efforts for 2008:

... The current balance of the U.S. House stands at 233 Democrats to 201 Republicans ..., the balance of the Senate stands at 49 Democrats, 49 Republicans and 2 Independents who give the Democrats the slimmest of majorities.

... Presidential politics tend to suck all the oxygen in the media environment. It is no understatement, however, to say that local, state and national congressional races in 2008 will decide the battle for governance in the United States for a generation to come.

... The goal for Democrats everywhere should not simply be to maintain the gains we made in 2006, we should look...in every state...to expand those gains. Imagine for one second what a ten seat gain in the House, a five seat gain in the Senate and five more State legislative houses would mean for advancing our common Democratic agenda. It goes without saying that each win takes away a GOP seat and expands our majority. Those targets are in the realm of the possible.

... It is vastly preferable in American politics to govern from the center with a strong and diverse majority than to "force it." ie. It's better to have a super majority that gives individual members the freedom to join or leave off joining the majority on any given vote than to ram through an ideologically pure agenda with a narrow margin every single time. ...

Exactly. Wouldn't it be nice if the Blue Dogs could be considered the center right of American politics, as they would be in most European countries? Universal health care, effective government and corporate oversight, a rational foreign policy, a science-based environmental policy with the attendant new industries that would open up, would all be within reach.

The Oregon Senate race, where polls show that DeFazio has a good chance to beat Smith, is one that could help move us closer to that goal of a solid Democratic majority in the Senate. That would be a win for both Oregon and the country at large.

So, if you have a little extra scratch, consider using to welcome Rep. DeFazio to the 2008 Senate race. It'd be an unqualified Good Thing (TM) ;)

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Starting at the city & county level is what elevated the ideological minority of the far right to their current heights of power. Stands to reason that that would be the best place to look to shore up the progressive power base lest we lose the bare majority we enjoy at the national level.

Posted by: Thomas at April 10, 2007 05:37 PM