April 09, 2007

Farm and Biofuel Reports

United States

The Rural Populist: Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) speaks in favor of farm payment limitations. Charging that the state government puts large agribusiness concerns ahead of the environment, a member of Iowa's Environmental Protection Commission is fired. Over the past five years, money intended for rural development has been going to urban and resort communities.

Grist's Tom Philpott would like to say that corn-based ethanol is an insidious greenwash.

The National Animal ID System (NAIS) has farmers in an uproar.

New York State has rolled out relief payments for dairy farmers, but they may not be enough:

... Sam Simon, owner of Plank-enhorn Farm in Pleasant Valley, called the 33 cents per hundred pounds of milk "helpful," but not a solution.

"When the price is $14 and it costs $18 to produce, the 33 cents only brings it to $14.33. That gap has to be filled," he said of purchase and production costs.

Because several large corporations hold sway over the price of milk, Simon said, it would be difficult for the government to make up the difference. ...

The debate rages over whether manure should be classified as hazardous waste.

Record corn plantings are pleasing Japanese importers, and may be coming to a state near you.

Why he chose biodiesel


Six agriculture ministers from the Greater Mekong Subregion meet to talk trade, food security, development and avian flu.

The chief minister of the Indian state of Bengal is working hard to industrialize and move the population out of agriculture.

Vietnam has embarked on a program to rein in plant disease and boost yields, while at the same time cutting down on irrigation and pesticide use.

Bird Flu Watch: The World Health Organization congratulates Vietnam on a highly successful strategy for containment of bird flu. An Egyptian teen becomes the 34th person infected in her country, and a 74th Indonesian dies. The disease has spread to a new farm in Bangladesh.

Natasha is currently an intern with the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, an organization dedicated to outreach and education in sustainable agriculture and food systems issues. The opinions expressed in this post are her own and are not representations on behalf of MFAI. For regular legislative alerts about food sustainability issues, sign up with the National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture.

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Iran announced it is now operating 3000 centrifuges

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conservative candidate (Sarkozy-UMP): 28
socialist candidate (Royale-PS):24
LE Pen (Nazi):15


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Cover article in the Seattle PI today about the rise of urban gardening:

Also, interesting bit on the wetlands being constructed around the new Brightwater sewage treatment plant:

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