March 31, 2007

Marines Kicked Out Of Afghanistan

I blogged about this briefly the other day when I saw an article in the Army Times, but another twist has come to my attention in the story of the kicked out Marine unit:

In an unusual move, the commander of U.S. special operations troops in the region, ordered a unit of 120 U.S. Marines out of Afghanistan on March 23rd. This was because of the way the marines handled a March 4th incident where they were ambushed by a suicide car bomber and gunfire.

The marines were removed because their reaction to the ambush used "Iraq Rules", and not the less violent procedures employed in Afghanistan. ...

The, um, Iraq rules? You mean, this is how they've been doing it in Iraq?

... The March 4 incident was first reported by The Associated Press, which quoted several Afghan witnesses and wounded civilians who said U.S. forces fired on civilians in cars and on foot after a suicide bomber in a minivan struck a vehicle in a Marine convoy, injuring one.

The Marines responded with gunfire, shooting as they continued to drive along a six-mile stretch of highway, according to the AP. Initial statements by the military stated that the Marines reported they came under fire from insurgents, and some civilians may have been struck down by enemy fire, although that remains part of the investigation.

“I saw them turning and firing from this direction, then turning and firing in that direction,” Ahmed Najab, 23, who was shot in the shoulder, told AP. “I even saw a farmer shot by the Americans.”

“They were firing everywhere,” another Afghan, Tur Gul, 38, who was shot in his right hand, told AP. “They opened fire on everybody, the ones inside the vehicles and the ones on foot.” ...

Well, no wonder the Surge is working. I'm sure all the towns I've ever lived in would be totally pacified after four years of having touchy foreigners who didn't speak the language randomly firing at civilians every time they were attacked. Yep, that would work like a charm.

Sarcasm aside, that last article mentioned that there was some debate in military circles about whether or not the unit had been fully trained before deployment. I'm not sure if it would be worse that this happened because they were sent there unprepared or if it happened because this is how they've been preparing them. Either way is its own, special hell.

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Reminds me of 'Giuliani Time' when I lived in NYC. America's Mayor had a different set of rules for apprehending 'black suspects'.

Posted by: Jim DeRosa at April 1, 2007 08:06 AM

As always, the US central command has reasons. Calms me down.

Taliban will turn Afghanistan into a graveyard for Americans

the taliban obviously got numberless suiciders.
"We´ve sent thousands into the cities to attack the westeners and their Afghan puppets," Taliban leader Mullah Dadullah threatened.

The Taliban would turn Afghanistan into a graveyard for American soldiers. The Islamic guerilla-group was equipped and sufficiently armed to fight enemy forces for a longer period of time Dadullah deplored further. After heavy losses in open battle the Taliban turn back to guerilla tactics more often. Since 2006 the number of victims has risen dramitically since 2006 thru suiciders according to the Iraqi example to 4000, 170 western soldiers among them. Just on sunday a convoy was attacked in province Laghman. Nine civilians died, among them also children.

The Taliban are primarily active in the east and south, close to the border of Pakistan. According to the Afghan government the leader of the Taliban, Mullah Omar, is currently in Pakistan. Dadullah denies it. Omar and the leaders of the Taliban were on Afghan ground.

Posted by: ccokz at April 2, 2007 08:48 AM

It's policy; if you kill everyone in the vicinity of an IED or other incident then the theory is that Iraqis will become unhappy about resistance fighters planting IEDs in their "back yards" since they face death. As a result locals will be motivated to tell resistance fighters to go elsewhere.

Posted by: DavidByron at April 2, 2007 03:59 PM