March 31, 2007

The Truth As Accusation

Did they 'accuse' or was it true? Emphasis mine:

... In the antiwar view, both conflicts began with a blank check from Congress: the October 2002 authorization for the use of force against Iraq had its unmistakable parallel in the Gulf of Tonkin resolution of August 1964. In both cases, many lawmakers would come to regret their aye votes, accusing the president (whether Johnson or Bush) of skewing the intelligence to win support. ...

No. Just no.

Johnson and Bush were not just 'accused of skewing intelligence.' They lied. Even if you put the 'accusations' in a paragraph talking about those brazenly unreasonable antiwar people, who wouldn't even have supported these wars of mass destruction if they'd been based on the truth, Johnson and Bush lied. Lied. Lied in broad daylight. Lied before the gods and everyone. Lied to the American people. Lied to Congress. Lied to the press. Lied to our allies and enemies alike. Lied.

The Gulf of Tonkin resolution was based on a lie. The Iraq war was based on so many lies that it virtually defies the imagination. These are historical facts that are not in dispute.

To describe these lies as skewing intelligence is itself a lie, because it implies that they were distortions of incidents that did happen. Intelligence is about knowledge and you can't know things that aren't true, as they say. The original Gulf of Tonkin Vietnamese torpedo attack never happened. Saddam Hussein never tried to purchase uranium from Africa, his aluminum tubes were rocket parts and weren't for centrifuges, he had no ready-to-use chemical weapons, he couldn't have launched an attack against the U.S. mainland, etc., etc. and etc. There was no there there. These things were invented whole cloth. Purest fabrication.

I'll say it again: To describe these things as something other than lies or, if you want to be polite about it, untruths, is a lie. To present calling them lies as mere accusations, based on what are implied to be partisan or electoral considerations, is a damned lie.

Could our media, just once, just ever, just please for the love of butterflies and little furry kittens, tell the goddam truth about matters of life and death?

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