March 31, 2007

The Sham Trial

The Bush Administration got their first terrorism "conviction" in the sham military tribunal where David Hicks was "proven" guilty of abetting terrorism. Here was a trial using secret evidence and a plea of guilty which led to the sentencing "jury" to conclude he should be sentenced to seven years in prison. They, of course, heard the charges, but not the evidence (which is classified) and concluded that Mr. Hicks was guilty.

However, did they even know that in Guantanamo, David Hicks was tortured? That he was put through extreme sensory deprevation which the CIA classified as torture when they were studing the brainwashing effects of the totalitarian states of North Korea or North Vietnam? From my piece A Disintegration of Personality comes this observation:

Alfred McCoy, author of A Question of Torture: CIA Interrogation from the Cold War to the War on Terror, and Professor of History at University of Wisconsin, Madison, gave an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Company, linking the torture of David Hicks in Guantanamo prison with the CIA researched, Hebbsian torture paradigm MHB explores.

Dr Donald O. Hebb at McGill University found that he could induce a state akin to psychosis in a subject within 48 hours. Now, what had the doctor done? Hypnosis, electroshock, LSD, drugs? No. None of the above. All Dr Hebb did was take student volunteers at McGill University where he was head of Psychology, put them in comfortable airconditioned cubicles and put goggles, gloves and ear muffs on them. In 24 hours the hallucinations started. In 48 hours they suffered a complete breakdown. Dr Hebb noted they suffered a disintegration of personality. Just goggles, gloves and ear muffs and this discovered the foundation, or the key technique which has been applied under extreme conditions at Guantanamo. The technique of sensory disorientation. I've tracked down some of the original subjects in Dr Hebb's experiments of 1952 and men now in their 70s still suffer psychological damage from just two days of isolation with goggles, gloves and ear muffs. David Hicks was subjected at peak to 244 days of isolation, the most extreme isolation in the 50-year history of these CIA psychological torture techniques. David Hicks has suffered untold psychological damage that will take a great deal of care, a great deal of treatment and probably the rest of his life to move beyond.

When the Bush Administration cut a deal for nine months of prison in exchange for his silence, they admitted that their evidence was obtained by torture. God knows what nightmares will haunt David Hicks throughout his life. What a miserable "success" the administration has racked up.

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Bush: the UnAmerican president. I wonder if we can build his presidential library in Paraguay.

Posted by: Kevin Hayden at March 31, 2007 04:37 PM