March 29, 2007

Deep In The Mix

Wes Clark explains why hostilities with Iran are bad for Israel and the Mideast as a whole, video and transcript at link.

Feministe: The conservative pro-ignorance agenda, because that always works to keep people from having sex. The lunatic Republican and governer of Missouri, Roy Blunt, has decided that it's wrong to get cancer screening from a clinic affiliated with an organization that also provides abortions. Feminism is still necessary because uppity women are still threatened with sexual violence and murder as a means of shutting them up. Male lawyers are SO oppressed. The adverse health effects of anti-feminist media reporting.

Lawyers, Guns and Money: Why the anti-abortion crowd are certifiably anti-woman. Another perspective on Ann Althouse's fragile grip on reality. An object lesson on why studying the classics is important - Cicero on the U.S. attorneys scandal, or at least a related topic that's dang near close enough. Voter fraud is a Republican urban legend.

Narco News: Venezuela's Hugo Chavez plans a new development bank for South America. A World Bank funded wind farm is moving ahead that will displace indigenous farmers in Oaxaca through a shady, low rent agreement that bypassed the community's own land use approval processes. U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton, of the House of Death fiasco, also turns out to have been in on the DoJ firings.

DailyKos: When someone has cancer in America, the first thing you want to know is whether they have insurance, because otherwise they're dead. An update on a campaign for single payer healthcare. John Kerry on making the environment a voting issue. Unfortunately, the CBC really is planning a debate on FOX News. The Blue Dog Democrats actually come up with a brilliant strategy for funding the Iraq war, and I don't use the word brilliant lightly in this case. When Bush vetoes the Iraq spending bill, the political fallout for Republicans is going to be punishing. The politicization of the civil service under the Bush administration and their merry band of hacks. Crazy wingnut Eric Keroack has just resigned from the Bush administration; the Washington Post on who this Keroack guy is.

... Eric Keroack, a nationally known advocate of abstinence until marriage, served for more than a decade as medical director for A Woman's Concern, a Massachusetts nonprofit group that discourages abortion and does not distribute information promoting birth control.

... Democrats and family-planning advocates have panned the Bush administration's selection of Keroack to oversee HHS's $283 million reproductive-health program and a $30 million program that encourages abstinence among teenagers because of his work with A Woman's Concern.

They said that Keroack is a poor choice to lead HHS's Office of Population Affairs, which funds birth control, pregnancy tests, counseling and screenings for sexually transmitted disease and HIV. ...

Duck of Minerva: China's $1 trillion investment fund.

Navy Times: Entering the second consecutive year of falling re-enlistments, with first term sailors opting more frequently to extend their terms instead of make the longer time commitment entailed in re-enlisting. The gear shortage faced by the military because of equipment loss or damage in Iraq could take years to correct. The House unanimously passes a bill to improve medical treatment for wounded veterans, while the White House raised objections over the possible impact on the very type of privatization that brought us the situation at Walter Reed. R.I.P. Charlotte Winters, the last surviving female WWII vet.

Hullaballoo: Digby on David Iglesias, the Republican on paper who thinks that a congressional salary is insufficient lucre on which to raise four children. The Dobson test for Republican presidential candidates and the very narrow definition of Christianity used as a measuring stick. Unfortunately, vote-counting fraud and voter intimidation are not urban legends, much as the Republicans would like to insist that it were so.

Government Executive: The Interior Dept. would like the tribes suing it for decades worth of resource mismanagement to settle for $7 billion, instead of $200 billion, for all pending and future claims. Rep. Waxman wants Karl Rove to give him a "list of political briefings given to federal officials on federal property." Energy companies want to add 159 new coal-fired electricity plants to the U.S. generating portfolio in the coming years, scientists at the Dept. of Energy are trying to make that coal clean through gasification. Iraq is becoming an object lesson in how planning and innovation can trump brute force ...

... The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have shown that in today's open-source, highly networked world, no single nation or military has a stranglehold on the best tactics or weapons. "The [U.S.] Army likes to say they have the best training facilities in the world," says Andrew Krepinevich, executive director of the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments in Washington. "Quite frankly, the Iraqi insurgents are at the world's best [training center] right now - they're there 24 hours a day 365 days a year, going up against the world's best."

Ezra Klein: Could we please find someone to run against Sen. Inhofe? Sen. Clinton's advisor, Mark Penn, is running a PR company that gives the majority of its political contributions to Republicans. Bush's cadre of U.S. attorneys investigate more Democrats than Republicans at a rate exceeding racial profiling of blacks by traffic cops, and damn, but that's an impressive margin of passion and prejudice. Irritating politicians who oppose renewable energy should totally be flogged with noodles in public. A brief primer on gender-specific networking. That's Democrats for you, surprised by their own success, but hopefully not so surprised that they won't learn from it.

Culture Kitchen: The truth of Oaxaca survives the assault rifles. Nezua explains why it's good to learn about other people, and when a white person gets to say "Ese."

The Next Hurrah: The vice president can't declassify documents at will, except to the extent that the president has directly delegated that authority to him. The question that scared Abu Gonzales. Should Congress fall back on inherent contempt if the Bush administration refuses to cooperate?

Asia Times: America's political war on the illegal immigrants who built exurbia, among other things, may be history's first ever revolt of the masters against the slaves. A double-header on Al-Qaeda's car bombers in Iraq and bike bombers in Afghanistan. Iraqi Arabs seeking seeking refuge in Kurdistan aren't exactly feeling the love, but at least they don't get kidnapped or blown up. After promising to play nice in order to get in to the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Vietnamese government immediately begun a massive crackdown on political dissent once they got what they wanted from the WTO and the U.S.

And I am a writer,
writer of fictions
I am the heart that you call home
And I've written pages upon pages
trying to rid you from my bones

- Engine Driver, by The Decemberists

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This british soldier/kid on television is just killing me.

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