March 28, 2007

Setting Out; First Stop Kansas City Mike Palecek

March 27, 2007


Tomorrow I give Ruth a hug and drive away to Kansas City for the first stop on my book tour, a meeting of the K.C. Drinking Liberally group.

Itís been one hundred years since I really went out and socialized. I think this trip will be a learning experience for me.

Just finished updating the itinerary. There are seventy-eight stops between drinking with the liberals in Kansas City to drinking with the liberals in Colorado Springs on July 3.

Got my car worked on, tune-up, oil, two new tires. Cost about fifteen hundred or so. And so, of course, this afternoon Iím going back to the shop because the windshield wiper fluid still doesnít spray. And maybe I should have got that driverís side window and the radio to work, I donít know, maybe.

I did figure out the iPod, with the help of my kids, Sam and Emily. Ruth bought me a map and Lisa Casey at All Hat No Cattle and Bart at sent me T-shirts. Awesome.

At 51, itís been awhile, almost thirty years, since I took my last road trip in my dadís 1959 Chevy with the wings, and my dog, and cowboy hat I bought in Fort Collins after visiting my sister. I always called her derisively ďmy rich sister.Ē I shouldn't have done that. Thatís maybe not fair, but her husband, once the manager of KCOL radio in Fort Collins, was up on the dais when President Gerald Ford visited Fort Collins in the 1970s. I donít like Gerald Ford. Heís dead and I don't like him any better. He was supposed to be a manís president, football player and all. If he was half a man he wouldnít have lied to us all with the rest of the Warren Commission. Oh, well, what you gonna do with rich bastards? About all you can do is holler. Theyíre still gonna do whatever it is they do.

Anyway, dadís brown and white Chevy, my dog, Nicki, sitting in the front seat, ears flapping in the breeze, looking around at me, out the window with Buddhist detachment. Headed out west, to Oregon, to find the sun, the truth, the girl of my dreams, my ass with both hands, I really donít know. Dad died in 1981 in an Omaha hospital, of kidney failure, the day before Ruth and I got married. That has been awhile, too. Wish I still had the white plastic Jesus we used to have on the dashboard of the Chevy. It might come in handy.

I never did want to do this, take a book tour. In my mind, thatís the reason you write books, because you donít or wonít talk. But my books are good, really, trust me, and they deserve a chance to live. So Iím going to give about eighty speeches more than I have ever given in my life ó and I think it will be a blast. When itís all over, after you get back and sit with a quart of beer in both hands on the back porch, that kind of a blast, not necessarily while, oh, well, thatís enough.

I need to just go do it. Right. I hear you.

First, I need to put this letter to the IRS in the mail.



March 27, 2007

Internal Revenue Service
Kansas City, MO 64999-002


Enclosed is a crossed-out tax form.

I will not cooperate with the murderous regime of George W. Bush.

President Bush and his administration planned and carried out the attacks on the United States on 9-11-01, in order to attack Iraq and steal their oil.

In the eyes of Bush and Cheney and Rove, the war is going according to plan. They and their friends are making millions, billions, from the oil, from the defense industry, while the poor go without, while social services are cut in order to pay for more war and killing.

As a Christian, I cannot go along with this.

I must protest.


Mike Palecek

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Ah, I drove across the country in 1999. New York City to Los Angeles. Have fun and take notes. Good idea with the iPod. There ain't no music between those two cities, unless you like Reba McEntire.

Posted by: Jim DeRosa at March 29, 2007 08:53 AM