March 26, 2007

Mike Palecek, book tour

Mike Palecek has written a book called The American Dream reflecting on the insanity of our times.

Michael M works in a group home in the small town of Homeland in Middle America. Heís an average man who graduated from Homeland Senior High School, married a Homeland girl and had Homeland kids. M wants nothing more than to win the drawing for The Home Helper Show so he can get a new kitchen and maybe a pool. An improbable accident lands him in jail as the ringleader of terrorist activities in Homeland. Heís clueless about the whole thing, believing what heís told, believing what he wants to believe.

M is just like us. Homeland is what America could become. Itís absurd and shocking, but even when itís totally unbelievable itís just close enough to be terrifying.

Mike will be starting a road trip this week and we'll be posting some of his writings as he crosses the U.S.A. Let us know what you think.

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I can't wait!

Posted by: houseofpolitics at March 27, 2007 01:47 AM