March 25, 2007

So Help Me, I Will Pull This Blog Right Over

What's news tonight? I don't know. That's why I do these posts, they force me to keep up with my reading. When I haven't been traveling the tubes of the internet far enough afield, I get to feeling a little guilty. And then I say to myself, 'Self, when was the last time you dug around a little more on the blogroll than the big-name blogs? And pardon, how long has it been since you checked the homepage of an overseas news site directly, instead of because you saw a headline on the main Google News feed?' So then I tap my foot at myself, hang my head (all the better to see the screen on my laptop), and get to browsing ...

Some posts I ran across tonight particularly reinforced the resolve to rebroaden my viewing habits: At Culture Kitchen, in "White-News" vs. the Blackosphere, francislholland takes on the race divide within even the progressive blogosphere and the meaning that has for the debate about the use of religious language in politics. At My Left Wing, Nonpartisan writes about the effect of the bannings of formerly prominent Kossacks, expressing concern that the 'crashed gates' have just been put back up with a new crew manning their barricades. At Street Prophets, pastordan's brothers and sisters Sunday sermon talks about building relationships and doing whatever work we can, even when idealism has failed us.

Alas, A Blog: The mainstreaming of even more misogynistic fashion photography than usual. If you want to be a Republican who serves on the new global warming committee, you unfortunately have to be an idiot.

Asia Times: North Korea is holding up completion of its part of the nuclear agreement over $25 million frozen in an offshore bank account, which may have a lot to do with the fact that many in the country are expected to starve to death after a poor harvest and the government wants to win as many concessions as possible. Hundreds of millions of people depend on Asia's collapsing, dammed and polluted river ecosystems. Taliban and Al-Qaeda militants along the Afghan-Pakistan border have been fighting each other over whether they should fight NATO or the Pakistani military might sound like a temporary boon, but they may come out of it more unified against NATO forces than before. Japan's shiny, new missile defense system.

BBC: Sri Lanka's Tamil rebels launch an airstrike against a government military base near the country's international airport, which was undamaged in the attack. Egypt goes to the polls on a set of constitutional changes that would ban political parties organized around a religion and decrease judicial oversight of voting. The U.N. envoy to Darfur says that a combination of low morale and any new security incidents could result in a collapse of the international aid regime. Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is dealing the Chinese in to Venezuela's energy infrastructure, saying that they're on the way up and the U.S. is on the way down. The slums of Dharavi stand in the way of a more modern Mumbai, but they aren't going without a fight.

Bitch PhD: The funniest guy claiming he's entitled to dates story you have ever heard. Some moron of a state legislator in Texas, whom Molly Ivins would have verbally flensed in a flat minute, wants to offer women $500 not to have abortions. This is how someone prevents a rape. Girls in North Dakota have been declared chattel, requiring parental permission for prenatal care, and it isn't hard to see all kinds of Very Bad Outcomes there.

Culture Kitchen: Lorraine on the normalization of torture. Mole333 reviews "This Moment On Earth", a book by the Kerrys on taking environmental action.

Driftglass: George W. Bush, the demolished man.

Exodus Mentality: Some recommended reading for Black Future Month. A call for evolution over revolution, a post following a debate on whether or not racial justice advocates should continue working in coalition with other types of equality activists. Lastly, a pointer to the Free Shaquanda Cotton website, the homepage for a 14 yr old black girl serving a seven year sentence for pushing a hall monitor.

Feministe: More on the grimly misogynist fashion photography that's so popular these days. The undisguised anger and disgust of an allegedly spiritual man who wishes that women would just stop being so tempting ("Thank you so much for desiring to serve us!" "ITíS A COOKBOOK!" Heh.) Quebec has decided to ban veiled voting in a fit of anti-immigrant pique. But I felt my very own fit of pique coming on when I read about the wingnuts who are upset that abstinence isn't being mentioned at a Harvard date-rape seminar, and all I can think is, man, this is yet another example of the glorious tradition of legacy admissions for people who couldn't think their way out of a paper bag.

Juan Cole: Another look at the Democrats' Iraq spending bill and deadline. Also, Tony, the American people's reaction to the relentless violence in Iraq isn't particularly hard to read anymore.

Hitherby Dragons: Nthanda

Majikthise: Lindsay Beyerstein shares recollections of 2004 RNC protests the NYPD infiltrated.

Narco News: Bush to summit with Mexico's president as the guest of an accused narcotrafficker. Chiapas residents have been reporting increased incidents of paramilitary terror campaigns. The latest Zapatista missive.

Needlenose: This post on moving the Overton Window on Iraq, points out that while the Democrats haven't managed to get us out of Iraq during their three months in charge of Congress, they've radically shifted ideas about what's possible. Responding to a concern all of us have about the well-being of Ahmed Chalabi, McClatchy ends our worry with the news that the old fraudster is snacking on goji berry biscuits in a well-appointed fortress.

Orcinus: As with many other things, being anti-Catholic is okay if you're a Republican. The Southern Baptist Church seems to have begun losing its grip on reality. The White House is gearing up for an almighty showdown over executive privilege, with Reagan retread Ted Olson leading the charge. Modern punditry, both authoritarian and antidemocratic, has become riddled with the petulantly insecure. And, oh yeah, you should subscribe to Orcinus if you can at all.

Prometheus 6: "I have no questions." If Washington D.C. residents have no representation, why should they pay taxes? A review of the book, "Assault On Diversity", which covers the well-coordinated attack on race and gender rights by right wing think tanks.

Seeing The Forest: The wingnuts are already saying nasty things about the Edwards family, didn't take long. Why you never hear the union perspective in the media.

The Republic of T: An exploration of homophobia in the black community. A look at how heterosexuals have been changing marriage to suit their own interests over time and "the way we never were." The abscence of daddy guilt.

Truthout: Bill Moyers with a call for action in a time that demands anger. There's no one technology that will fix global warming, but a combination of several approaches may well work. How far will Bush go to protect his fixer, Gonzales, before he becomes a 'Fredo' that needs to get tossed overboard?

I'd smoked my mind the night before
With cigarettes and songs I'd been picking.
But I lit my first and watched a small kid
Playing with a can that he was kicking.
Then I walked across the street
And caught the Sunday smell of someone frying chicken.
And Lord, it took me back to something that I'd lost
Somewhere, somehow along the way.

- "Sunday Morning Coming Down" by Kris Kristofferson

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