March 24, 2007

Bush To Dems: Do As I Say, Dammit!

Heh. Oh, the whining. Bush can't stand even the barest minimum of outside control, acting as though the Democrats' suggested end date for the war in Iraq is a mortal insult. Hence, the press line paints the Democrats as being pretty bad-ass, which is both a good spin and close to the mark:

... "Members of Congress now face a choice: whether they will waste time and provoke an unnecessary confrontation, or whether they will join us in working to do the people‘s business," Bush said. "We have many important issues before us. So we need to put partisan politics aside and come together to enact important legislation for the American people."

Democrats said it was time to heed the mandate of their election sweep last November, which gave them control of Congress. Passage marked their most brazen challenge yet to Bush on a war that has killed more than 3,200 troops and lost favor with the American public. ...

Bush is whimpering about bipartisanship to the people he ruthlessly crushed under his loafer heel for years, the war has lost favor, the Democrats have a mandate, and also, we now get to be called "brazen." Wahoo!

I'm actually feeling a little more brazen ... right now. Who knows what I might get up to? Feels good. Feels, well, mmmm ... ;)

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Check out the speeches John Murtha and Patrick Murphy gave before Congress. You'll go out and kick Republican.

Posted by: Jim DeRosa at March 24, 2007 10:19 AM

Natasha, if you have a tv set you don't want and don't feel right donating it to Goodwill because you're pretty sure it'll break down shortly after they resell it, this would probably be a good time to watch some TV with a shotgun by your side.

There might be local ordinances that you'd have to flout, and you might think I'm advocating violence, which I'm not. I'm just saying, if you ever wanted to test the hypothesis that someone would get a mighty endorphin rush shooting their tv set when the Fox Newsers are frantically spinning at well past the recommended maximum speed of bulls***, this would probably be the time.

What do you think?

Posted by: Jonathan Versen at March 24, 2007 11:48 AM

I have shot televisions. It feels good.

(pretty cool the way they implode to)

Posted by: Thomas Ware at March 24, 2007 01:08 PM


Posted by: ccokz at March 24, 2007 06:07 PM

It's called "gridlock," dude. Get used to it. Funny to watch Congress busy themselves with this, that, and the other thing while not addressing the real issues in this country like the coming Social Security and Medicare crisis, the alternative minimum tax hitting the middle class, and the expiration of the Bush tax cuts.

It's like Congress is in campaign mode and doesn't give a crap about the country.

Posted by: muckdog at March 24, 2007 08:10 PM

JV - I mostly haven't been watching television, my nerves are fried enough as it is. Also, I dislike loud noises. But I appreciate the spirit of your suggestion immensely.

md - First, Social Security and Medicare aren't in crisis. That's a bs myth that has no basis in reality and was circulated by whisper campaigns initiated by paid, Republican operatives beginning more than 20 years ago. Second, most of the Bush tax cuts went to the already obscenely wealthy and have sunk the government deeply into debt; they need to go.

But even if you persist in your delusions, what's the Republicans' excuse? You know, the people who had control of both the legislature and executive branches between 2002 and 2006? They did frak all to help the country, while the Democrats have gotten busy addressing wage issues, sorting out disaster relief for farmers, finding money to help the Katrina victims the Republicans left in the cold and let's not forget, passing continuing budget resolutions to keep the government running after the Republicans let around 8 of 11 federal budget bills completely undone during their last month in office.

Posted by: natasha at March 24, 2007 10:13 PM

gonzogate:nytimes:growing body of evidence

Posted by: ccoaler at March 25, 2007 05:34 AM