March 22, 2007

News Today: Heartbreak and Lies Edition

You've likely heard by now that Elizabeth Edwards' cancer has come back, but that both she and John have decided that his campaign will continue. Damn. I think nyceve put it best, we'd be hard pressed to do better than having the Edwards as the First Family. Here's hoping that her treatment goes well and that two people who love each other so much will be able to spend many more years together.

Media Matters: Highlights from the New York Times' war on Gore and the embarassing lengths they'll go to in lying about him to prove that, um, he's a liar. Fox News repeats Republican charges that Gore hearing broke the rules, which it didn't because the committee chair has discretion over these matters and chose to exercise it. Some in the MSM chose not to mention that species traitor Bjorn Lomborg has been wrong in his facts from the first. A chronicle of the lies about Barack Obama, because, we guess, it's just inexplicably fun for the media to lie about Democrats.

MyDD: Barack Obama's pastor says New York Times made up a story about him, invented it whole cloth, just to create a false controversy about the Obama campaign. The class war within progressive politics; not just an important issue, but evidence that the political Left is far, far away from marching in lockstep. The Democratic party's policy elite is finally turning out to denounce Fox News as a partisan propaganda outlet. Hint to Fox from a blogger: The secret to retaining credibility as a partisan information outlet is a) not to lie about your partisanship, b) not to lie about things in general or your opponents in particular and c) if you get something wrong, admit it and apologize, then try not to do it again.

Time: If this article is true, and the U.S. has kidnapped a retired Iranian intelligence officer, wouldn't that be more of a justification for Iran to declare war on the U.S., rather than the other way around? Hong Kong's air quality turns out to be more of a local problem than previously thought. Lam's firing was very probably political, and we're all so dang surprised. George Bush is has come out for ending cooperation with Democrats before having begun to cooperate with them in the first place. The right seems to have gone too far wrong on the Iraq war, an issue that only George Bush and the Democratic Blue Dogs continue to believe is a winner at the polls.

New York Times: I don't even need to look to know that the wingnut blogs are declaring that a German judge's decision to cite the Koran's sanction of wife-beating in a divorce case, to say that it didn't constitute "unreasonable hardship" in a marriage between two Muslims, is a sign of the impending Islamic takeover of Europe. Even when breast cancer metastacizes beyond the breast, it's still sensitive to estrogen and can be minimized by anti-estrogen therapy. Europe and America have agreed to open domestic air traffic routes to foreign airlines. The Senate Judiciary Committee votes to authorize the issue of subpoenas of Bush administration aides.

Alas, A Blog: Ampersand's latest link roundup will make you laugh, cry and shake your fist in fury at the indifference of the heavens. Once more, with feeling, there is no Social Security crisis. Maybe you can be a conservative and not look like an idiot, Rep. Bartlett, but the House Republican leadership has yet to grasp this point.

Pandagon: The book club post for "When Abortion Was A Crime". Get out the popcorn, the bigots are fighting amongst themselves. Can you really be in favor of free trade but not free immigration? Yes, little wingnuts, lying = coercion, or to put it in economic terms, misinformation prevents people from behaving as rational actors. A thorough fisking of Associated Press disinformation on climate change.

You pull me like the moon pulls on the tide
You know just where I keep my better side

What days have come to keep us far apart
A broken promise or a broken heart
Now all the bonnie birds have winged away
I need you at the dimming of the day

- by Richard Thompson, "Dimming of the Day"

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Sounds like the NYT is right behind Fox for making up lies.

Posted by: Scorpio at March 23, 2007 11:57 AM