March 19, 2007

Now They Tell Us!

Bush Says Securing Baghdad Is Most Important Mission, from Roger Runningen at Bloomberg:

President George W. Bush, marking the fourth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, said securing Baghdad is the most important mission for the U.S. and asked the public for patience to let his latest strategy work. ...

It's been four years. Four. And now, finally, after all this time, we learn that the most important thing to do is to secure the capital city that our largest embassy, main troop headquarters and large numbers of U.S. soldiers have been stationed in since the first year of the war.

Four years and this basic thing, securing Baghdad, hasn't been accomplished. People are executed on the streets in broad daylight in that city every day. Rogue roadblocks are set up by neighborhood coalitions and militias. Iraqi government officials have been taken from security details and convoys and executed. Kidnappings and marketplace bombings are regular occurences. Vehicle bombings, chemical attacks and shelling continue. Attacks have been carried out against U.S. military personnel both on patrol and at their headquarters. Attacks have been carried out against the U.S. embassy, the glorious Green Zone.

Patience? You've got to be kidding me. After all this time, both the Iraqi and American people deserve to see progress before yielding trust.

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It occurs to me that perhaps we will just never leave until we have a Democratic Prez

Posted by: dav at March 20, 2007 12:40 PM