March 18, 2007

Raed Jarrar Key Speaker at Portland Anti-War Rally

Portland is hosting an anti-war protest today and will have Raed Jarrar speaking about the need to get US troops out of Iraq. Raed is the Iraqi blogger who writes Raed in the Middle and was the Raed that was immoralized in Salam Pax' Where's Raed blog that many of us read during the first year of the war.

If you are in Portland, consider joining the crowd to hear Raed and to send a message to Washington, it's time to get out.

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Battisti arrested

The Brazilian police has arrested, Sunday March 18th, in Rio de Janeiro the former Italian militant of extreme left, Cesare Battisti, on the run since 2004, where (as) he met a woman to bring him money . Cesare Battisti was arrested on the street at the Copacabana, on the Atlantic Avenue oceanside, at the time when a certain woman, Lucie Genevieve Olès, were going to give money, (back) to him, the police chief of the federal police force of Rio indicated, Oswaldo da Cruz Ferreira.

The former activist "did not have papers with him. We took digital fingerprints ", he added. According to another agent, he was identified and was not surprised of this arrest. The woman was taken to station then released. Lucie Genevieve Olès had entered Brazil legally with 9 000 euros in her possession, he added. "All was according to the rule, we did not have nothing against her , she was released". "She did nothing but bring the money", indicated the police chief. "It was the vector which made it possible to locate" Battisti, indicated the chief of the operations and the international co-operation of the Brazilian federal police force Glorivan Bernardo de Oliveira.
Cesare Battisti is currently held at the site of the federal police force of Rio and should quickly be transferred 2 Brasilia, continued the police chief. (Battisti) immediately called upon a lawyer.
According to Cesare Battisti was indicted, this midday (French time), in Brazil by the Brazilian police force due to information of and in the presence of French judiciary police. Cesare Battisti was condemned in 1993 in Italy for four "extreme homicides" made in 1978-1979 to a lifelong sentence. The writer (would) have been found thanks to the monitoring of some of his supports, who were suspected of having remained in contact with him.
Questioned by AFP, one of the French lawyers who defended him, Me Irene Terrel, said she was "devestated" by learning the news from the arrest of Cesare Battisti. The Parisian lawyer did not wish to make other comments "for the moment, while waiting to know something more".
Taken refuge in France during about fifteen years, he started the career of an author of detective novels and worked as apartment house manager in 9th district of Paris. Due to a decree in February 2004 of Italian justice, Cesare Battisti was arrested b4 released. He had then received the support of French writers and militants of left. Threatened of expulsion towards Italy, he passed to foreign countries in August 2004.

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I so wish I could be there!

Posted by: dav at March 20, 2007 12:42 PM