March 09, 2007

Message: I Care

Bush on his visit to Latin America:

... "My trip is to explain, as clearly as I can, that our nation is generous and compassionate; that when we see poverty, we care; that when we see illiteracy, we want to do something about it; that when we find there to be a deficiency in health care, we'll help to the extent we can," Bush said. ...

Links are mine.

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The links are brilliant. I like these type of blog posts that link out and share the information and make your point.

Posted by: Jim DeRosa at March 10, 2007 08:57 AM

first round apr 22nd

François Bayrou is for the first time at equality with Ségolène Royal in term of intentions of vote for the first round of the presidential with 23 %, according to a Ifop-Fiducial survey for the Newspaper of Sunday to appear on 11 March and carried out March the 8 and 9. The candidates centrist and Socialist however are led by Nicolas Sarkozy who remains at the head of the intentions for the vote with 28 %.

The centre leader(Bayrou), whose progress has been constant in the public opinion polls for several weeks, gains four points compared to survey IFOP, for Paris Match, dated from February 26 and 6 points compared to preceding investigation (of) IFOP for the JDD from February 22-23.
Ségolène Royal follows a downward slope, respectively losing 2,5 points and 5 points compared to these preceeding investigations. Nicolas Sarkozy looses for his part a point compared to survey IFOP Paris-Match and remains on the same level as in preceeding investigation IFOP-JDD.

Jean-Marie le PEN arrives in fourth position with 13% of the intentions of vote, respectively gaining 1 and 1,5 points compared to the preceeding surveys.
Followed by Olivier Besancenot at 3,5 % (-0,5), Arlette Laguiller (=) and Marie-George Buffet (-0,5) they are at 2 %, to 1,5 % (-0,5). Three candidates are at 1% - Domenica Voynet (0,5), Frederic Nihous (0,5) and Philippe de Villiers (-1) - and two to 0,5%: Gerard Schivardi (0,5) and Corinne Lepage (=). Nicolas Dupont-Aignan does not reach this threshold.

In case of absence of Jean-Marie le PEN in the first turn, as to say he hypothetically does not obtain 500 sponsorships of elected officials necessary to participate in the runoff for the Elysee, Nicolas Sarkozy seems the candidate who would profit from it more. He obtains 34,5 % of intentions of vote in front of, this time, Francois Bayrou (25 %) and Ségolène Royal (24 %). Philippe de Villiers, candidate souverainist of the Movement for France, points in this case to 3,5 %, against 1% if Jean-Marie the PEN were candidate.
The survey was carried out with a sample of 881 people, representative of 18 years or more of the French population, registered on the electoral rolls, extracted from a national sample of 959 people.

Posted by: ccoaler at March 10, 2007 02:44 PM

What he said is true about “our Nation”, he just forgot to mention that his administration tends to not agree with any of that.

Posted by: marysolis at March 13, 2007 12:41 PM