March 05, 2007

Michelle Malkins Makes a Big Mistake -- Again.

Checkout Michelle's latest screed which you can find here on the Blog Report (formerly the Dauo Report).

Newsflash: Government-run health care sucks The Washington Post is back today with another story about the pitfalls of the military health care system. Like I said when the WaPo series was launched, these failures are damnable--and nothing new.... Will the Bush-bashers join with free-market critics to effect real change and help the troops who need and deserve better care? We'll see.


This is the type of mistake someone like Michelle makes because she relies on the conservative media which refuses to believe anything that they don't report is real. I wonder what she will say when she realizes that the big congressional hearings today are to investigate how bad things got at Walter Reed because it was privatized!

Of course, IPA thought it could make a tidy profit by having a total of 50 workers where the government made due with 300 just last year. From the ArmyTimes:

The committee also noted that more than 300 federal employees providing facilities management services at Walter Reed dropped to fewer than 60 by Feb. 3, the day before IAP took over facilities management. IAP replaced the remaining 60 employees with 50 private workers.

Some of the money will trickle down if you let the private sector take over the job. In this case the soldiers can die of neglect while Dick Cheney's friends get to bring home the big bucks off of the tax payers dollars that once use to go to taking care of the troops. That's the conservative dream.

And conservative bloggers have to run the risk of looking like fools when they get their news from a media that has blinders.

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