March 04, 2007

Pop Quiz: Are you liberal or conservative?

Digby discusses the total lack of alarm among the press following the latest hate speech by Ann Coulter at a meeting, as he notes, where many prominent Republicans were in attendance. The same meeting at which she's said hateful-to-murderous things about liberals in the past, and probably will in the future. Yawn. Wake me up when Mitt Romney is asked to denounce her remarks.

So, here's the test ... The first selection contains two wingnutisms culled from Digby's post, the second is from Whoopi Goldberg's comedy routine at a John Kerry fundraiser. And no, the test isn't guessing which set of remarks a presidential candidate was badgered by the press to distance themself from, because everyone knows that collective responsibility only applies to Democrats. Rather, as soon as you know which set of remarks offends you more, you can categorize yourself for good and all as either a liberal or a conservative:

... When Limbaugh said, "I tell people don't kill all the liberals. Leave enough so we can have two on every campus - living fossils - so we will never forget what these people stood for," we didn't doubt him anymore.

When Ann Coulter said "we need to execute people like John Walker in order to physically intimidate liberals, by making them realize that they can be killed, too. Otherwise, they will turn out to be outright traitors," to rapturous applause at the 2002 CPAC, we knew she wasn't just kidding. ...

Now, Whoopi. Note that she was fired for this:

... "We should keep Bush where he belongs," Goldberg said, gesturing at her genitals, "and not in the White House." ...

If you were offended by the first selection, you're clearly a pinko. There are cards. If you're a feminazi pinko, you may be issued a cat.

If you were offended by the second selection, feel free to go have a properly conservative apoplectic fit. Congratulations. You walk among those who understand that if death threats and intimidation can't be used freely against people who are advocating for a less brutal society, then your opponents have already won. Or, you may be a journalist. In which case you probably fainted dead away at your keyboard upon reading such a statement come out of the mouth of a liberal. Here, have some smelling salts and a cold compress, you'll need a lie down after that sort of shock.

But just in case you're one of those easily offended types who reacted with outrage to both examples, here's one surefire way to determine which party you should hold your nose and vote for. First, does this, this or this offend you?

... Bradley says she can't get what she needs from the local convenience stores. Only full-size markets have the fresh fruits, vegetables and quality meats that her family needs, but most are more than two miles from her house; a round trip can take an hour and a half.

A 2006 study showed Chicago's driest food deserts are in predominantly African-American, low-income neighborhoods.

The study said compared to whites Chicago's blacks travel 50 percent farther to get groceries.

"It drives you kind of crazy because you're like 'what's wrong with my community that we don't have access to a supermarket!'" said LeDonna Redmond, an activist pushing for government to re-think food access as a public health issue.

... "Supermarkets and other businesses want to go where they can get the best return on their investment. They're not in the social welfare business," said Food Industry Consultant Bob Goldin. ...

How about this:

The greatest shame of 12-year-old Deamonte Driver's well-publicized death from a dental abscess is this: In any other industrial nation in the world, it never would have happened.

You've no doubt read the details of Deamonte's demise by now, so I don't have to go into them. But, as so often happens in American medicine, the bureaucratic particulars are at least as important as the biological ones. A editorial illustrates the yawning chasm ("hole in the safety net" doesn't begin to describe it) that the Driver family fell into:

Alyce Driver is a working mother, but her low-wage jobs did not provide health insurance. Her children were eligible for Medicaid, but dental care under Medicaid, as the Post story documents, is particularly problematic. Fewer than one in three children enrolled in Medicaid receive preventative dental care in Maryland, and only 900 of the state’s 5,500 dentists accept Medicaid because of the low reimbursement rates. But Maryland children are better off than those in Virginia, where only one in four Medicaid children receive preventative dental care.

Compounding the problem was that Driver lost her Medicaid coverage during a period when she had to stay in a homeless shelter. She apparently missed some paperwork that had been sent to her. Deborah Weinstein, executive director of the Coalition on Human Needs, said that people losing their coverage as they slip in or out of homelessness is not uncommon.

Bear the Kafkaesque stupidity of the Driver family's nightmare in mind. And then consider how it would have happened in Canada. ...

If the last two selections offended you most of all, then stop fighting already. You're just more aligned with the Democrats. And so I'm sorry to break it to you, but when Coulter and Limbaugh are casually calling for the murder of liberals, they're talking about you, too. When Coulter recently called John Edwards a "faggot," presumably his anti-poverty stance offends her mightily, she was talking about you, too. That was even a two-fer, reinforcing the conservative idea of the nonpersonhood of gays and extending the implied subhuman status to people who are concerned about the same issues Edwards is concerned about. See how you don't even have to be gay for homobigotry to impact you? That's the beauty of having the sort of control over the dialogue that the far right does; you get to lump all your enemies together and mark them as an undeserving underclass, and nobody cares.

In fact, if you were offended by those last two examples or Coulter's remarks, she would just rather you curled up and died. She's said pretty much that in public on numerous occasions. And none of the Republican presidential candidates who were there with her at that meeting, not even Mitt Romney who so warmly introduced her, are likely to be asked to distance themselves from her remarks. If that happens, I'll be the one needing the smelling salts. So not holding my breath.

Dude! Bring me the smelling salts!

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