March 02, 2007

Conservative Ideology Responsible for Walter Reed Mess

After 9/11, the American public voted for George W Bush and a Republican Congress in 2002 and 2004 because they believed the Republicans would do a better job in fighting the terrorists. And they believed the hype that Republicans care about the troops while the Democrats don't. By 2006, the growing catastrophe in Iraq along with the abandonment of New Orleans and the obvious stench of corruption that was afflicting the Republicans in power woke enough people up to give both the House and the Senate to the Democrats.

Yet, we are just starting to understand the full extent of corruption that was unleashed under Bush and the banner of Conservative ideology. Everyday there is another more outrageous and enraging story that is peeling back the secrecy to expose the truly obscene level that these guys will go to in enriching their friends and cronies on our blood and our treasure. The Walter Reed story puts to bed for once and for all any idea that Bush and the depraved people he has put in power can ever be thought to "support the troops." In fact, this story proves that for Bush and his fellow travelers, the troops are yet another set of suckers to prey on.

Because of the incredible reporting by Dana Priest and her colleague, Anne Hull, everyone knows that the conditions our wounded vets are having to endure at Walter Reed are deplorable. Finally this story is getting the exposure it needs.

But what we need now are stories that connect the dots to show that it is the Conservative ideology that is responsible for the situation at Walter Reed and not just incompetence. Conservatives preach the gospel of the market place and how government can never do anything as well as the private sector. And when they get their hands on the government, they privatize every aspect they can by handing out contracts to their friends who are waiting for their chance to feed at the trough. No need to provide services for the contracts when there isn't any oversight.

Rep. Henry Waxman has issued a subpoena to have Maj. Gen. George W. Weightman come to answer some questions about why things are so disgraceful in this hospital. Here's what Waxman is going to be looking into:

  • Who decided to give IAP Worldwide Services the contract to run Walter Reed?
  • Why did IAP, whose chairman, Al Neffgen, a former executive of Halliburton, get the contract?
  • Why did the Army "unilaterally" increase the government cost to run Walter Reed by $7 Million, making the government bid to run the hospital higher than the IAP bid?
  • Why did the Army give IAP the contract after IAP failed so miserably in fulfilling its previous government contract to deliver ice to New Orleans after Katrina?
  • Why did more than 250 out of some 300 government employees at Walter Reed leave after IAP got the contract?
  • What is IAP doing for the $120 Million contract?
  • When Donald Rumsfeld found out from his wife that things were getting bad at Walter Reed, did he even bother to look into the problem?

We need the answer to these questions.

And the American public must finally hear that it is not just incompetence that is causing this problem.

It is the mindset of Bush and the conservatives that is causing the problem.

In their eyes, the only thing that matters is power. In their mind, the rich deserve to have more because they are better than everyone else and they don't have to share anything. None of their wealth. Not the hard times. Not the cost of war. Not the loss of rights. They do these things because they believe the rest of us are their vassals and they have the right to do anything, including waging war on the backs of someone else.

They are preying on our troops to enrich their friends. But this should not be surprising because that is what the war profiteers always do.

Update: Please read smintheus's post which goes into much greater detail about how the privatization racket works.

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Just the Walter Reed "Mess"? More like every mess! We have seen nothing but "messes" from this Administration and the Republican leadership that have been running this country since 2000.

The sad part with the Walter Reed situation is that properly caring for our vets is the least our country do after sending them to fight in a mis-managed, ill-conceived war. I am sure everyone can agree on that.

I suspect that we really haven't seen the last of the "messes" though, as more seem to spring up every day. You have probably seen latest on the outrageous level of Republican spending going on with the U.S. Mega-Embassy in Iraq--not to mention it's ineffective nature. I penned out a little about it today.

Anyways, good post, Mary!


Posted by: Amadeus at March 2, 2007 09:49 PM

Thanks, Amadeus. I'm quite intrigued with the combination of Mozart and Buddhism that your site and your handle advocates. :-)

[To create a new paradigm, one must somehow demonstrate that there is a gap between the current reality and the new reality. Combining Mozart and Buddha is a great way to expand our current thinking.]

Posted by: Mary at March 3, 2007 03:35 AM

The greatest threat to our National Security may not be radical Islam but the continuing political cronyism and malignancy of greed that has infected our cherished democracy. History has taught us time and time again that great civilizations fall because of a loss of civic virtue among its citizens. If this country wants to sustain a volunteer force we better get serious about supporting our troops, not only in deed but in our actions as well. We have sent our sons and daughters to fight a war on terror. We better have good answers and be fully accountable when they return home and start asking "Why?"


Posted by: Freedom at March 3, 2007 12:02 PM

Thank you Mary, for bringing light to another aspect of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center hearings. Your title 'Conservative Ideology Responsible for Walter Reed Mess' says a great deal and the follow up is not incongruent with the title. I put a mention to your blog at my own, as I would like people to read what you have to say.

Posted by: Lietta Ruger at March 5, 2007 03:16 PM

I was a Republican for years and they have a some good ideas at the local level of government. In light of the Abramhoff scandel, the attorneys getting fired, Libby took the fall for criminality of others (which I believe he did), I want to vote out every Republican at the Federal level to teach them dirt bags a lesson. I wonder if someone could file under the Freedom of Information Act to find out just how deep the company Halliburton had its hands in Uncle Sam's pockets.

Posted by: Wacer at March 6, 2007 03:22 PM

The Republicans are no better at the local level. Theirs is a failed ideology.The only thing the Republicans are good at are smearing people, vitriol, fear and war mongering,and dividing the nation to steal your tax money to enrich their fellow fraternity brothers.

Posted by: yeranalyst at March 7, 2007 09:01 AM