February 27, 2007

Things Can Always Be Worse

Hilzoy explains war and violence:

... Violence is not a way of getting where you want to go, only more quickly. Its existence changes your destination. If you use it, you had better be prepared to find yourself in the kind of place it takes you to.

And another was this: liberation is not just a matter of removing an oppressive government. It can seem that way when you live under tyranny. Nothing is more comprehensible than people living in apartheid South Africa, or under Saddam, thinking: if only that government were removed from power, things would be better. They would have to be. After all, how could they possibly be worse?

Unfortunately, there are almost always ways in which things could be worse. ...

That seems to pretty much sum it up for me, but do go read the whole thing. (h/t the always excellent Sideshow)

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Quite. The shrub has created an environment rather like the Augean Stables. I am not sure anyone will be able to deodorize the mess he will leave behind.

Posted by: Scorpio at February 28, 2007 11:21 AM