February 24, 2007

Climate Meltdown

Last Sunday in the NY Times Magazine Drew Shindell, a NASA physicist and climatologist, answered some questions about what's been happening to the agency under the Bush administration and why global climate change should be the primary focus of the agency, not a journey to Mars. Here's his response to the question about the bills limiting greenhouse gas emissions being discussed in Congress.

There are now several bills floating around Congress that would limit greenhouse-gas emissions. Is one better than the others? They are useful first steps. But they are just baby steps. In the long term, we have to reduce emissions much more than any of these bills envision. At the state level, California is a great example of what the rest of the country should be doing. They require that energy be used efficiently, and as a result their per capita energy use has stayed level for decades, despite the growth in their economy.

He also thinks the name "Global Warming" doesn't provide the necessary kick needed for a problem with the scope of global climate change to get people moving to do something about it. He recommends we use a more accurate label: Climate Meltdown. Sounds like a good suggestion.

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