February 22, 2007

Stupid Democrat Tricks

I know I said that I was going to try and avoid picking a Democratic primary candidate to favor, but I don't recall saying that any of them should be spared a dose of wrath if they were acting like idiots. In honor of those of my friends who've asked me if I was worried that liberal blogs might wind up being too sycophantic, I encourage you to enjoy these links to some behavior by presidential contenders and other elected Democrats that just isn't ready for prime time:

Sen. Hillary Clinton talking like she's grooming herself to be the Democrats' new Lieberman when we've barely got rid of the old one.

Attention Gov. Tom Vilsack: You don't get to be our candidate if you don't support Social Security, which we like more than you. And it would be handy if you were clear about your position on Iraq, because blogging communities have long memories and Teh Google.

Majority Leader Steny Hoyer is good at making friends and raising money and using that money to make more friends by helping them win elections; that's why he's majority leader. But dude, making too many friends with lobbyists who pay your PAC to pay for vacations isn't what we all had in mind when we elected a majority Democratic Congress packed with friends of yours who are accountable to constituents.

Lastly, Democrats signing exclusive event coverage to FOX? In what universe would that sound like a good idea?

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