February 21, 2007

Beyond Bush

The hatred for Bill Clinton in the 90s was a manufactured emotion created out of whole-cloth by the Vast Right Wing. Unlike Clinton, Bush has earned the emnity he has received. Yet, Gary Kamiya is right, despising Bush and his administration can trap us into a negative and unthinking place.

Paradoxically, the more you hate Bush, the greater the danger you will become as hollow as he is.

Actually, this is not a paradox. Our actions, our reactions and our strong passions are capable of changing us in ways that are dangerous. It coarsens our discourse while coarsening our souls. We are what we do. Wasting our passions on Bush can make us more like him than not. The original George W, George Washington refused to let the meanness and brutality of the British make him react as they did. He knew he would only lose his honor and decency in following that path.

We have more than enough serious problems to work together and it will take all our courage, optimism, wisdom, and ingenuity to solve those problems so that the world is better and not worse for our having been here. We don't have time to waste fighting our inner Bush.

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we got a razor blade result in italy in a vote of the senate on foreign policy yielding 158 votes while 160 needed for the left. Well, Prodi isnt "desavoue" because he didnt lead his troops into the fight. Hes humiliated because it happened what always happens. Wait a minute, what is always happens? Since when do we know razor blade results? we know them since bush came into office 2000 and narrated to us that this is the normality out of florida or 2004 out of ohio. we saw it nine months ago in italy, but there the left won.

I dont know in which situation Bush is in Iraq but 6 hours before the vote Bush lost his strongest ally in Iraq, the UK. I dont know what makes us yield this razor blade shit, but I see a faint connection in what I said.

Posted by: ccoaler at February 21, 2007 03:06 PM

Suspected Serial Killer Investigated in Dismemberment Killings in US, Europe

Posted by: WEDWED at February 23, 2007 01:16 PM