February 20, 2007

Sport Killing and Torture

More U.S. teens killing the homeless for kicks and giggles.

It's 'politically unpopular' in America to oppose prison rape.

Just a couple postcards from the culture of life.

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CNN: Britain sets Iraq pullout dagte

Posted by: ccoaler at February 20, 2007 11:20 PM

Lately I translated you some article that stated that the center for Turkish affairs in Cologne, Germany plans to open the first Muslim school in Cologne, Germany, after the bid to open one in Berlin failed. It was associated with a certain Mr. Golem who lives in the US. After I was wondering why the heck the Turks drew this conclusion cause it is of course a bit impolite cause it interfers German cultural hegemony and at last the symbol of the German armed forces is a black cross, I got to read the following article today:

Young Turks often chanceless

Essen (Germany)- The chances for education for Turk teens dropped dramatically according to the center for Turk studies (Zentrum fuer Tuerkeistudien ZfT)in the past years.
From 1995 to 2005 the share of Turk Teens in the total number of apprentices (for craftmanships, guilds, etc) more than halfed from 3.3 percent to 1.6 percent the Zft director Faruk Sen reported in Essen.
At the same time the number of pupils rooting from Turkey rose to 8.6% to a total of 411000.
The background of this development is the often catastrophic school education of this group, that messes up the chances on the apprentice market.

So I found answer: after I asked myself why the heck they run thru the wall right now now that we got Oussama&Co everywhere in the news - and they probably could have tried to open such a school for the last 60 years - we get to know young Turks are dumm as shit.

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