February 17, 2007

Saturday War Bits

Sam Gardiner writes that an "informed source" from Iran says the recent explosions in Iran are connected to American activity in Iran. Gardiner thinks it would be hard to connect the bombs exploding to the US, but the region where bombs are going off is where reporters like Seymour Hersh says the US is working with MEK to help create a fatal reaction by the Iranians.

When contractors working in Iraq die, they come home to quiet funerals with very little fanfare. If they are wounded, they can find themselves fighting the same overstress civilian healthcare system that fails so many other Americans. And if they come home with PTSD, they are hard up to find treatment. Today, an estimated 125,000 contractors are serving in Iraq to support the 135,000 active duty troops.

Col Patrick Lang blames Americans for the delusion that everyone wants to be like us as the reason we have gone so wrong in Iraq. His thesis is that although Bush and crew made lots of errors, it is an American "secular religion" that all other people aspire to the same ideals and culture that Americans have. It is this secular religion that is manifested as the neoconservative vision of a world that looks like us. Frankly, the "city on the hill" idealism that drives some facets of American imperialism is not a secular religion unless you call the worship of the god of capitalism a secular religion. And in my opinion, Iraq is a total failure because of the lack of empathy and drive to empire by people like Bush and his neocon backers. Lang wants to blame us for the stupidity of people like Tom Friedman who does think the world is flat or Max Boot and Michael Ledeen who think that the US must aspire to be a powerful and cruel empire. But speaking for myself and a lot of other thoughtful people, we knew Iraq was guaranteed to be a clusterf*ck because those driving for war believed the Iraqis would be "shocked and awed" into being cheerful, complacent vassels of the Greater American empire. I think there was a lot more revenge, fear, and will to power that railroaded Americans into this awful war than a desire to see Iraq a peaceful democratic mini-me America.

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