February 12, 2007

The Iran Reports

I was going to do a general interest news compilation, but discussion about whether or not the Bush administration is planning to attack Iran, along with their recent increase in aggression, has reached a fever pitch. The subject was clearly going to dominate and is important enough to merit the attention, so hey, why not go with the flow?

The Velvet Revolution takes out full page ads in several papers asking who wants to hang for Bush's war crimes and urging Congress to insist on Bush's resignation, along with the immediate cessation of brinkmanship with Iran.

Matthew Yglesias on the red herring that is the Iran-Iraq nexus. He also points out that if Iran were really serious about attacking the US inside Iraq, they could do a lot more. Readers may remember that the help Iran gave to Hezbollah was very sophisticated, including weapons that allowed them to demonstrate "a previously unknown capability when [firing] a sophisticated, Iranian-made, radar-guided ship-to-shore missile at an Israel Navy missile corvette," and provided electronic warfare and intelligence support that the Israelis were unable to counter.

Atrios points to a Newsweek article chronicling the Bush administration's escalation of tensions with Iran, and yeah, it's just business as usual to the Beltway crowd.

Via Crooks&Liars, Taylor Marsh notes that the Iraqi Shia factions Iran is supporting are the same Iraqi Shia factions the US is supporting and has been arming for four years. Yes, four years, which I repeat because somehow I just can't bring myself to believe it's been going on that long.

Juan Cole and one of his readers note that many attacks against US troops are in Sunni areas, regiouns where it would be odd to find that Iran was directly supporting militants.

EBW at Wampum briefly models a wargame with Iran (scroll down.)

Alternet: Larisa Alexandrovna on the Bush administration's six-year push for war with Iran. The traditional media seems doomed to repeat all the same mistakes they made before the Iraq war.

Corrente: The writing on the shells isn't in Farsi and the diameter is more consistent with UK ammo than Iranian, so is the so-called 'evidence' against Iran rebranded British ammunition? An aide to VP Cheney says a 2007 attack is a possibility.

DailyKos: Why aren't we threatening an attack on the Sunni insurgent-arming Saudis? McJoan has indeed been saying for weeks that the Bush administration would justify an attack on Iran through Iraq, and it so happens that Paul Krugman agrees with her, while a reading of the long version of his article notes that a parallel to the Office of Special Plans has been set up at the Pentagon for dealing with Iranian issues by the same man who was responsible for pushing lies about Iraq. Mash's comparison of pre-Iraq headlines with today's Iran headlines highlights the same point made by Editor and Publisher's Greg Mitchell, who notes that the Iran claims are being made by Judith Miller's partner in the pre-Iraq WMD lies.

Booman Tribune: Condoleezza can't remember the Iranian offer to recognize Israel in 2003, a story that bears repeating. A highlight from the very long Newsweek article that I first noticed at Eschaton indicates that a third carrier group is headed to the Persian Gulf. A helpful picture of 'Iranian' shell casings with clear English-language markings on them.

The MSM at home and abroad: Cenk Uygur at the Huffington Post says the fact that no one will attach their name to the charges against Iran should make everyone suspicious. An author at Payvand asks who benefits from an attack on Iran. Fars News reports that Iran is ready to settle outstanding concerns with the IAEA. The AP via Forbes on the prospect of EU sanctions and the IAEA's continued call for everybody to take a timeout. The AP via The Guardian on Iran's denial that they're arming Iraqi insurgents. The Asia Times points out that Americans could be doing the Iranians' killing in Iraq themselves when they act on the directives of the Shiite-dominated Iraqi government, and presents some commentary on Iran's revolutionary outlook as well as their insistence that they are no threat to Israel.

Update: Wesley Clark weighs in on the Iran situation, and the story about the chain of weapons shipments becomes more tangled.

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