February 08, 2007

Oh, Amanda

Hotline blogger Conn Carroll gets it exactly right:

... If Edwards understood what he was doing when he hired Marcotte, he must follow the advice of Bowers and Wilbur. When Edwards hired Marcotte he signed up to a hard hitting unapologetic movement, a movement whose rhetoric is, shall we say, not always appreciated in the mainstream. If he backs off the ethos now, he can kiss their support away forever.

Meanwhile, the National Review's K Lo takes umbrage on behalf of her Catholic faith and offers Edwards some alternate advice:

... Marcotte is clearly a staffer who should have been vetted a bit more. She represents someone John Edwards ought not be employing and serves as a warning to other candidates as they gather blogosphere supporters on their payrolls on their road to the White House. The lesson is fairly simple: Google first.

But naturally, if the Edwards campaign is smart, they will adopt one of the most sage and hallowed bits of blogosphere wisdom: Do what Digby says.

At any rate, it sure beats bowing your head to Michelle Malkin, people who advocates of racist violence and homophobia, or that mindless pack of Muslim haters at the National Review. That phrase about being known by your enemies, well it's time to ponder it, Mr. Edwards.

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