February 07, 2007

Biofuels in the News

Biofuels expert John Mathews says that biofuels will only work as part of a truly "green" energy future if the global North lifts tariffs on biofuels and the global South agrees to comply with environmental sustainability guidelines, a trade pact framework of a type that would be an historical first.

This article explores the EU reaction to Asian biofuel production, where oil-palm plantations are replacing natural forest and destroying peatlands. Peat is a high organic matter substance that degrades rather rapidly once drained and exposed to atmosphere, if they aren't simply burned instead, representing huge carbon sinks that are going to emit CO2 on decomposition.

Irish farmers are being sold on a biofuel future. The article addresses the potential of biofuels from perennial crops and notes that if ethanol production causes rising food prices, governments might step in.

British Petroleum will fund a $500 million biofuel research program, the Energy Biosciences Institute, in partnership with UC Berkeley and a group of affiliated research institutions.

Missouri Gov. Roy Blunt (R) is hoping that a biofuels initiative will bring in $542 million in additional economic activity to his state, which is already home to four farmer-owned ethanol plants.

Natasha is currently an intern with the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, an organization dedicated to outreach and education in sustainable agriculture and food systems issues. The opinions expressed in this post are her own and are not representations on behalf of MFAI.

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This is from german msn. i couldnt find an english parallel. the author is agence france press.

The US congress criticizes the spending of enormous sums in Iraq. Among other things, billions of dollars were flown in cash into the country. The whereabouts r not clear. With the newly constructed houses neither the sewers nor electricity work. The former Iraq administrator Bremer means modern filing wasnt possible in Iraq.

When politicians speak of grilling, they dont think of a normal barbecue. The term describes the sharpened questioning of incumbents in front of a senate committee.
The dems started out with a true grill party on tuesday in congress to digest the hitches and to come to terms with the mishaps of the Iraq war.
in the center, in the focus are the whereabouts of all those billions with what the us taxpayer financed the war. president bush is threatened by embarassing uncovering about bitchin and bad managment. First victim: Paul Bremer, the former US administrator in Iraq.
Disregarding all the lapses and failures in the execution of the Iraq war president Bush and his administration hadn´t to fear too much from the representatives of the people. Bush´s Republicans blocked any attempt by the dems with their majority to xray the iraq debacle by an inquiring committee. But since January the dems got a majority thanks to their victory in the vote for congress and with this majority they want to examine the failure of the government - with media coverage.
In Iraq there was big scale ´waste of money thru fraud and deception´, abuse and incompetence said Waxman.
Democrats grill US point man in Iraq over missing billions

"The CPA laid a solid foundation for waste and fraud, with its lack of transparency and accountability," said Democrat Lacy Clay said.


During Bremers 13 months in Iraq the US government stapled about 12 billion
dollars on wooden pallets and flew them into Iraq.more than 280 billion
in notes with a net weight of 360 tons were flown into Iraq without any knowledge about
where they are left at


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NASA Astronaut Lisa Nowak Charged With Attempted Murder in Bizarre Love Triangle

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