February 03, 2007

D.C. Blues

Erm, hi. A couple of you were probably thinking, 'Hey, natasha went to that conference thing, wasn't she going to write about it? What the heck happened?'

Well. I got my camera stolen, had connectivity 'issues', a toothache, a blood sugar crash, a migraine and as it happens, a nearly four hour roundtrip commute. It's exactly as if I'd arrived here and instead of going to the convention, gone on a mad bender only to wake up groaning this morning and trying to be happy that I seem to be physically intact. Except for the not having anything alcoholic; in which respect, it's been nothing like a bender at all. Also, I have been going to the convention. I've talked to people, taken notes and names, gotten around. I will write about it, oh yes.

As soon as I get this headache under control; which I say solely by way of apology. And just think of how hilarious this will sound when I tell this story years from now. A real thigh slapper, you know, hilarious ;)

Update: It occurs to me to also note that I wouldn't have missed this even if I'd known in advance that it was going to be this way. Mmmm, political conventions.

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Excedrin, Natasha. Excedrin.

Posted by: mickey at February 3, 2007 02:18 PM