February 01, 2007

Hillary Clinton in the News

Condolences are in order with the news that Bill Clinton's stepfather has died.

This article about Clinton's potential appeal to the low-turnout demographic of single women also shares polling data indicating that voters are more willing to vote for a female candidate than they believe their neighbors are.

Sen. Joe Biden has opened his presidential campaign by declaring Clinton's Iraq policy "a disaster." In context, it would appear that Biden thinks the US should just be willing to stay indefinitely.

Jonah Goldberg makes a one-buttocked attempt at psychoanalysis, using the same tired crib notes the right wing has been feeding the public about the Clintons forever. If we must have wingnut hacks running around and putting their opinions in newspapers, can't they at least say something novel?

Hotline is posting serial installments of an interview with Sen. Clinton. Up now, her answers about right wing sentiment against her and her plan for the first 100 days, then, what Bill Clinton's role would be if she were elected.

She meets with the board of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, the article noting that the topics were healthcare, wages and immigration.

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I am a woman and would never vote for a DLC corporate insider like her. I'd vote for a real democratic woman like Pelosi or Boxer, but, never Clinton.
there are so many reasons why, including the monarchy thing, the fact that she is the most boring public speaker, and is like nails on a chalkboard.
Her pandering and her flag burning and video games, her war mongering, her close ties to the DLC, ect.
If the media wants to say anything bad about her, I won't stop them.
I want a real democrat and not republican lite.

Posted by: vwcat at February 1, 2007 06:12 PM