January 23, 2007

Good Evening, And Good Luck

WorldChanging: This article on acoustic ecology highlights humans' rarely considered effects on the natural soundscape and what that does to wildlife populations. Some tools for understanding poverty, a necessary facet of any sustainable development plan. The corporate world is coming face to face with the need for a carbon neutral economy, when will Washington D.C. catch up? If you live in Minnesota, it looks like there are a lot of good local resources for going green.

Suburban Guerrilla: Excerpts from Krugman shredding the Bush health proposal and Bob Herbert's description of America's healthcare system as an industry whose approach to treating the sick is to say show me the money. He supports choice because human rights and civil rights are important. A Canadian scientist explains that, far from being a smoking gun, "climate is a batallion of intergalactic smoking missiles."

Media Matters: As if it were some kind of lifetime service honorarium, Chris Matthews suggests that McCain "deserves" the presidency. John Edwards didn't break any campaign finance laws, so why did a Washington Post reporter suggest that he did? Once again, a media figure suggesting Sen. Clinton lied about something they left out. Why should anyone who would say Sen. Brownback is pro-family because he's a "true conservative" ever, ever get to have credibility as a Democrat again? Democrats are plenty pro-family, even and much to Brownback's chagrin, families that deviate from the nuclear family ideal.

Daily Kos: When it comes to the environment, we are the "masters of our own destruction", though even the Mountain West is waking up to this inconvenient truth. Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney wants to keep the option of war with Iran on the table. The White House's first response to the Katrina disaster in Louisiana was that a Democrat needed to be shown up, as opposed to some sort of concern for the victims like a sane group of people would have. The BBC did a world opinion poll on US policy and found our favorables abroad to be hovering in the vicinity of the president's approval rating here at home. Bush and his neocon pals are just a bunch of aristocrats holding US troops hostage to their political ambitions. The media vendetta against Hugo Chavez, now with English subtitles. I'm not exactly sure what the significance of this is, but it does seem like it's worth noticing when a military contracting firm like Blackwater buys two new Boeing 767s.

Guerrilla News Network: Poor corporations, so very put upon by those mean, old activists. Czechoslovakia approves a U.S. 'star wars' base, Russia is not amused. The Pentagon is now trying to force reporters to help them prosecute an anti-war soldier.

TPMuckraker: A look at a WaPo piece on Democrats' prospects for passing global warming legislation over the next two years and the respective factions of sentiment. Newt Gingrich's new group is getting hefty funding from a casino, and other muck. The previous Republican congressional majority appears to have allowed the destruction of evidence in the Duke Cunningham corruption case.

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