January 23, 2007

Kalt Frķa Morning Surf

Have I mentioned, by the way, that I'm going to freeze to death? It's cold here, man, cold. I predict that I'm going to walk outside one of these mornings and the proto-Ice 9 seeds in my toes are going to be activated by my body's sudden refusal to share any blood with its lower extremities. There will be a rushing sound, an annoyed "Well, godda...," and a great, crackling "SPOIK!" Then when my roommates come home later, they'll find the first spontaneously frozen human being standing on the doorstep with a peevishly resigned expression on my face.

Everybody who'd lived here before or visited extensively told me the same two things: 'You'll love it, it's great,' and 'You're going to be really cold.' They particularly emphasized the second part upon hearing that I've only lived in coastal cities in California and Washington; where heavy snow would quite reasonably shut everything down because it's an aberration. It's certainly been nice so far, but I haven't been around long enough to fully evaluate. The cold, however, yes, spot on there, folks. Spot on. ;P

But for now, enough of me is still thawed enough to surf the internet and bring you the links I found.

Eschaton: Yes, as they say, indeed, only Republicans would think that these are 'gotcha' questions. Atrios says you can't split the difference over a woman's right to have the final say over whether or not to keep a pregnancy because you either control your body or you don't; see, binary, simple.

Hullaballoo: A review of previous pro-choice commentary and a warning about the anti-choice forces operating within the Democratic party. Some notes on media narratives and the dreaded electability question.

BBC: A month and a half worth of military operations has dragnetted around 600 members of al-Sadr's Mehdi army. Ethiopian troops start pulling out of Somalia. In the latest incident of creeping airline fascism, an Australian airline pulls a passenger off a plane because of their anti-Bush shirt, saying that they were worried it might offend other passengers.

Crooks and Liars: Joe Biden notes that we could try something non-escalating in response to the successful Chinese satellite weapon test. Bush wants to send more troops to Iraq, but hasn't provided armor for the ones who are already there. There's a former Washington Post reporter on the Libby jury. The video link to CNN's debunking of the Obama-Madrassa story.

Talk Left: Another take on the netroots attitude towards Bill Clinton. When it comes to Hillary Clinton, she might want to take media lessons from Nancy Pelosi. Republican talking heads seem to believe it should be okay for border agents to shoot an unarmed person.

Narco News: Rural Mexicans and the Zapatista approach to health care. The ongoing formation of alternative governments in Oaxaca in response to neoliberal policies. Zapatista women working to organize for women's autonomy in a chauvanistic culture.

MyDD: Is this why the Bush administration is purging prosecutors? The Clinton campaign has landed Spitzer's ad man, who's apparently pretty good.

Liberal Oasis: The Bush administration seems to have undermined secret peace talks between Israel and Syria. The Sunday morning news lineup seems to have missed the significance of Iraq's government saying they don't actually want more U.S. troops in their country and Joe Biden outlines a strategy to make it clear that this war is Bush's all the way.

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Help is on the way! Really!

Second, I guess I should warn you that my relatives out thataway are all complaining about how unseasonably warm it is - they're complaining a lot about how it isn't cold enough to kill all of the flu and cold viruses wandering about, in fact.

In the meantime, though , I guess you'll just have to look good in blue. ;-)

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