January 22, 2007

Evening Comments

Orcinus: Ethnic cleansing hits Los Angeles again. Why is it exactly that Rush Limbaugh's racism hasn't really hurt him?

How To Save The World: A round up and preparing for civilization's end. On intimacy.

The Sideshow: A good media and political debate link collection.

Juan Cole: Why Cheney should be impeached for blowing off Iran's 2003 overtures to the US, a move which fairly directly led to the downfall of Khatami's reformist party and the rise of the belligerent Ahmadinejad. Of al-Sadr, Maliki, and Talabani's talks with Iran and Syria. The Sadrists are back in government and Talabani tells the US to talk to Syria.

Left Coaster: George Bush is a wildly unpopular president. The sea also rises, no really, the coasts are in for a licking from melting ice and thermal expansion. As it happens, preliminary polls show that women will vote for Hillary. A greater buildup of US military forces is moving towards Iran; for love of Gods, stop the madness before somebody gets hurt.

MyDD: Nancy Pelosi is a wildly popular Speaker of the House. CREW vindicated in argument with the FBI.

Jesus' General: A book report on "The Places In Between", a book about the culture and history of Afghanistan. Is the Bush administration really the binge and purge presidency? The bizarre life and times of the unhinged Ted Nugent, yet another yellow elephant.

Speaking for the anti-choice movement, Sen. Brownback (R-KS) and Rep. Hunter (R-CA) vow to overturn Roe V. Wade if elected to the presidency, while the current Republican president addresses the annual "Right to Life" march.

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Rush...Racism? How can that be? If Isaiah Washington can say the F...t word and still be employed then why can't Rush use the color Black as a description? Well let's see now, an african american now suddenly feels what it is like to have a slip of the tongue....Hmmm but Michael Richards had to apologize to Rev. Jesse Jackson, and his illegitimate child, saying the dreaded N....r word even though Jesse can call Jews "Hymies" who live in "Hymietown". He's still working! He's working real hard on firing up the african-americans on hating the whites. And if Jesse doesn't want Richards to use the N..... word anymore than maybe he should talk to Chris Rock who is on HBO calling his brothers - M...er F...ing N...ers several times in his "Comedy Hour"! Not to mention that his whole skit is about "The White Devil". Gee who can we sue or fire for that remark? If you don't like us to use the "N" word then why don't you stop using it in front of us and reminding us of your hatred for it! Makes sense to most people except for most african-americans it sounds better to keep degrading their own race. So Rush is what? A racist pig? For using the color Black? And Chris Rock is getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for being a racist! Very strange standards we live by or shall we say "ALLOW", in this liberal world.

Posted by: LAMaddog at January 22, 2007 07:45 PM

It means something very different when a white person uses that word than when a black person does. If you can't understand that, I can't help you.

And if you can't understand the difference between tyranny and asking people to stop insulting others from a position of power, I really can't help you.

Posted by: natasha at January 23, 2007 01:25 PM