January 22, 2007

Blog For Choice Roundup

Feministe: Tales of the imaginary condition known as post-abortion syndrome. Why Jill is pro-choice. Oh, the anti-choicers, a.k.a., anti-contraception, misogynist white guys. Can you distinguish one of these clumps of cells from the other, or, why embryos aren't people.

Feministing: An extensive blog for choice roundup. Documenting the atrocity that is the Georgia abortion ban legislation. Part of being pro-choice is to support women who have children in their own choices, and it's in that vein that this post debunking the "opt-out revolution" highlights the new career paths working mothers are creating for themselves. Because she believes we should trust women with their own choices.

Pandagon: Once more, with feeling, choice is about reproductive justice and bodily autonomy, for women of all ages, stages and states; Amanda continues her reporting on the pregnancy rights advocacy summit she attended and talks about how an expansion of the idea of 'choice' can even draw in women with very conservative views on abortion. A bit more on the post-abortion syndrome story, with notes on how mental health in women has historically been measured by their adherence to gender roles.

Pseudo-Adrienne: Because we refuse to be passive, disposable, and easily manipulated.

Atrios: Can we be done with the just-trying-to-be-helpfulness of the 'abortion is icky' crowd?

Daily Kos: Redmcclain explains why it's important to be a clinic escort in areas where hate groups like Operation Rescue harass visiting women.

MyDD: Because he thinks women should control their own lives.

Bitch Ph.D.: The Bitch also attended the National Advocates for Pregnant Women (NAPW) conference and wrote a couple posts about the experience ... In the original unfunded mandate, women who don't have health care, safe housing, good nutrition are required to provide these things to their children; post includes an interesting aside about the intersection of child-rearing and public life, noting that it's a particularly male model that keeps children out of view in professional life. With reproduction, as everything else having to do with bodies, nothing is guaranteed, though a reasonable quality of life can be provided by medical interventions that allow people the illusion of control.

AngryBlackBitch: Shark-fu went to the NAPW and someone said to her, irresistably, let's talk about sex.

Tennessee Guerilla Women: Egalia writes about Bush's half of the species usually tasked with childcare, a person can get to thinking it'd be nice to have some actual support replace the usual tired, empty flattery that masquerades as respect.

My Left Wing: Caliberal shares her story of forced motherhood.

Culture Kitchen: Lorraine talks about parental consent laws and what they mean to her as a parent. Liza tells the story of the pregnancy she didn't keep, and then the one she did.

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