January 22, 2007

Morning News Hit

Daily Kos: Roe V. Wade is 34, wherein MissLaura explains in detail why legal abortion is so important. Meteor Blades looks at how US Star Wars policies influenced development of the Chinese anti-satellite weapon, with the US having adopted an aggressive and uneven policy position that was bound to leave other countries suspicious of our motives. Progressive America connects the dots between greenhouse gases and warmer global temperatures with the use of ice core data and an explanation of how it's gathered. TeacherKen, and an op-ed by James Carroll, wonder if the insanity of a particular course of action is any reason to suspect the president won't undertake it.

Echidne of the Snakes: Grover Norquist with a little motherly advice. Why aren't conservatives required to condemn Buchanan's anti-semitism? Women's groups, the Turkish government and Turkey's highest Islamic authorities are participating in an aggressive campaign to stop honor killings in Turkey.

Talking Points Memo: The White House delayed the National Intelligence Estimate that outlines the best current intelligence information collected from all the intelligence agencies in order to develop an Iraq policy which, in theory, might have benefitted from having such a basis in reality.

L.A. Times: The U.S. military cuts drug interdiction efforts along the southern route to the U.S. because they're overstretched fighting a couple wars in the Middle East. Los Angeles residents argue with the city government about the question of open reservoirs, which are fast becoming extinct due to concerns over sanitation and terrorism.

The Guardian: Tony Blair likely to resign if his aides are charged in a bribery investigation, though an op-ed by Michael White indicates that if Blair steps down, it will happen for political considerations without regard to a direct link.

BBC: Seventy-five are dead and 160 hurt in a double car bombing at a Baghdad market. Pakistani troops are killed in a bombing in a Taliban-friendly area of Pakistan bombed by the air force last week, though the local Taliban militants have officially denied involvement. Neighboring countries are closing borders to Iraqi refugees and aid workers are predicting a refugee crisis. How European Union laws may affect online commerce.

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